G pen Pro vs Elite

G pen Pro vs Elite


There is a large variety of small, portable, dry herb vaporizers on the current market at a range of price points. Consumers want to know what the best devices on the vaping market are, what they are getting for their money. They want value, reliability and vapour quality for the money they spend.

G pen Pro vs Elite


Today we are going to review and compare the G Pen Pro and the G Pen Elite. Both are dry material vaporizers that have been on the market for some time. They are each popular for their own reasons and come at similar price points (the Elite is slightly more expensive). We will review their vapour quality, portability, discreetness, material quality, ease of use and other factors that consumers need to know about before investing in a vaporizer.

Both of these products are designed for dry herb only and are among the smallest, most discreet vaporizers in the market.

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Vapour Quality

The G Pen Elite has a large chamber capacity – holding 0.75 grams of dry material, perfect for a group vaping session. It uses a 360° heat system which gets heat to more of your dry material than most units. The ceramic chamber makes the flavour of the vapour great. The temperature range on this unit is 93C – 220C which is the right range for dry material. The vapour does not have much time to cool before getting to the mouthpiece so it may feel too warm at higher temperatures for some users. The flavours in this unit, as in most vaporizers of its type, will degrade over time at higher temperatures.

G pen Pro vs Elite

The G Pen Pro has a smaller chamber capacity at 0.2 grams but that makes it perfect for lone use. The vapour produced by this unit is above average and a big improvement over the original. When you consider its size and price, the quality is very good. It takes only 30 seconds to heat up the temperature, meaning you can get to your session quicker than many other units. The chamber in this unit is similarly placed to the Elite and it will warm up the mouthpiece during a session at higher temperatures. The Pro does come with a silicone cover to help with this issue. The flavour in this vapour will also degrade over time at the higher temperature.

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Both the G Pen Pro and the G Pen Elite are very small and perfectly portable vaporizers. Either will fit nicely into a pocket, purse or bag. Both are charged with USB cables, increasing their portability when you don’t have to tote around a custom charger making them the ideal portable vapes.


Both of these dry herb vaporizers fit nicely into the palm of your hand, making them very discreet to use in public. They are black, which also aids in their discreteness. The Pro is just a little thinner than the Elite. You can choose a temperature and draw method that leaves little if any cloud of vapour above you if need be.

Material Quality

Both vaporizer pens have a plastic body (the Pro has some aluminium in the body) and have a glossy finish and sleek design. The high gloss will show fingerprints and other dirt but they clean off nicely.

The G Pen Elite has adjustable temperature control, and a blue LED display that shows you the exact temperature of the unit and the battery life remaining. The battery is lithium ion and can charge in about 3 hours with a USB charger. Fully charged, the battery will last 6 to 12 sessions, depending on how you use it and the temperature. The battery is not replaceable. It is capable of pass through charging though, meaning you can use it while it charging. You should wait until there is a 20% charge in the battery before using it in this way.

The G Pen Pro has three preset temperatures, great for beginners but experienced users may want a little more control. The temperatures are set at a standard rate, providing some good choices for vapour production and flavour. Temperature on this unit is indicated by the four colour-changing lights found under the power button. It is charged through a micro-USB. It charges to full in 2 to 3 hours and for that you will achieve around 40 minutes of use, depending on how it is being used.

Ease of Use

Both the Pro and the Elite are very simple to use with just a single button, making them popular among new users in particular. Both are simple to load, just pull off the mouthpiece, load the dry material and replace the mouthpiece. Both units are relatively easy to clean and maintain.

If the screen builds up with resins however, the screen in the Elite can be hard to remove.

G pen Pro vs Elite

Other Things to Know about the G pens

The G Pen Elite comes with a 1-year warranty as does the G Pen Pro. Both are very inexpensive compared to other pen vaporizers in the same class, a common benefit of products from this manufacturer.

These two vaporizers do a similar job with vapour production and quality. They are similarly constructed, portable and discrete. They are operated and loaded in similar ways. They have the same warranty. The choice will come down to battery life, charge time and the extras that a user may want or may be happy to do without.

Both units are also significantly less expensive than most of their competitors, a benefit of those starting out or who just want a budget conscious portable pen dry material vaporizer.

The G pen Pro is built with grenco science and has a superior charge time, while the Elite has a much larger chamber capacity and superior battery life. The Pro is meant to simplify use, with pre-set temperatures, one button control and light indicators. It heats quickly to temperature and has a large vapour quality improvement over older models.

The Elite is made to provide more information, a better range of temperatures and better control over the temperatures, with its LED display and the graduated temperature control. Although the Pro has superior battery charge time, the Pro does have pass through charge capacity, so the life of the battery can be extended when necessary making long charge times less of an issue.

In the end, in terms of cost, you are getting better temperature control, an LED display, and pass-through charging for a little more money than the Pro. Yet both are very good value for money and are among the most economical in their class.

This trusted information is sourced from the manufacturer and our own experience using the product.

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