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Pax Accessories

Pax Labs are a giant of the vaporizer industry thanks to the quality, power, and beautiful design of their vapes. Not to mention, their vaporizers always have fun little surprises, whether it’s games or Bluetooth connection, these surprises are indicative of an incredible attention to detail.

PAX Labs wanted to offer only the best Pax accessories and replacement parts. Conveniently, Pax Labs have ensured that most of their accessories for sale work for both the Pax 3 Vaporizer and the Pax 2 vape.

Herbalize is the best place to find the best Pax Labs Parts and accessories. We guarantee high quality, free shipping within the UK, and a broad selection of fantastic products.

Best Selling Pax Labs Parts and Accessories

Pax Labs accessories are designed to maintain the quality of your vape experiences and ensure that you get the very most out of your Pax 3 or pax 2 vaporizer. 

  • Pax 2 & 3 Multi-Tool: This handy tool allows you to pack, scrape, and stir your herb in your vaporizer’s chamber. This is a must have in any vape kit. 
  • Accessory 2: These screens feature an innovative solid plate design with no holes. Heat instead conducts around the scalloped edges, allowing you to heat your herb while keeping it away from the concentrated heat of the heating system and out of your vape’s airpath.
  • Pax Mouthpiece Lubricant: Over time, use can begin to wear down the material of your Pax vaporizer’s mouthpiece. This lube keeps your mouthpiece material soft and smooth, helping to preserve this. 



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