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Firefly 2 Review

Although the Firefly 2 has been around since 2016, and since then, there have been a wide variety of vaporizers that have been released, this high-tech vaporizer is still holding its ground on the list of top vape units.

When it was first released, it caused a lot of talk in the vape community. For the manufacturers, Firefly, promise that this vaporizer offered some of the highest tech features and functions, and it was a peek into the future for vape lovers.

When I first heard all of this talk of a fancy vaporizer called “fire who knows what’, I never actually thought that I was going to get one myself. There is a wide variety of vaporizers out there that are claimed to be the best, and I didn't think it necessary to try yet another that was going to leave me feeling unsatisfied.

However, when I started looking for a vape unit that was going to allow me to enjoy long vape sessions on the go, be easy to use, and offer a versatile experience, the Firefly 2 simply ended up on my list. Now that I have used this unit, and found all of its hidden secrets, I want to share what I found with you, for this unit might just be exactly what you were looking for.

First Impression

When it comes to any product we purchase, I believe that first impressions, or what we see for the first time when receiving our unit, is super important. We all know the feeling of purchasing a product, receiving it, and feeling completely unsatisfied or let down when we see the product in front of our eyes.

Thanks to the growing online market, all we usually see of a product before we purchase it is a high-quality, HD picture, and these can sometimes be a little too good to be true.

However, when I pulled the Firefly 2 out of its fancy packaging, the last thing I felt was unsatisfied. It was truly the first time that I felt happy and satisfied with my first impression.

Although Firefly 2 comes in a wide variety of colours, including Gold, Blue, Black, Red, Jet Black, Oak and zebra, I chose the plain White. Call me simple, but I just really wanted to see how much a plain white vaporizer could impress me; and it did. The first thing that impressed me about Firefly 2 was its high quality, beautiful design.

Impressive Build Quality

When I say that the Firefly 2 is beautiful, I don't mean extravagant, I mean that the manufacturers of the Firefly 2 understand better than anyone that “less is more”. I noticed from the time I unpackaged the Firefly 2, that it is a simple, yet well-made vaporizer.

Although many will disagree, I strongly believe that a vaporizer that has a simple yet beautiful design, is better than an extravagant non discrete unit. With the Firefly 2, vaping does not feel like you're putting on an act, thanks to its simplistic design and build.

I also noticed that the Firefly 2 does not have a big flashy LED display like many vaporizers on the market today do. The only thing you will find on the Firefly 2’s body, is two simple power buttons that control the heat of the unit and turn the unit on or off.

Unlike other vaporizers that have a wide variety of buttons or big LED displays on their build, the Firefly 2 simply has two buttons that I found extremely attractive when compared to other units on the market. If you happen to prefer simple, easy to understand vaporizers that do not have too many functions and features on their design, the Firefly 2 is for you.

Although the design, shininess, and the beautiful white colour that I found on the Firefly 2 were impressive, that's not the only thing that allowed me to feel satisfied with its build. The moment I held it in my hands, I simply knew that it was made from high-quality materials.

It didn't just feel like plastic, or like something that would break easily after a few uses. Firefly 2 is made from super sturdy, high-quality magnesium alloy, and when you pick up the unit, you can feel how durable, and how long-lasting it is. The quality and durability of its build, also made me feel satisfied and allowed me to look forward to the future using this unit.

Vapor Quality & Taste

Firefly 2

Of course, one of the most important things about a vaporizer, is the fact that it needs to offer the highest quality of vapor. Although there are a wide variety of vaporizers on the market that promise to offer an amazing vape experience, they do not always offer what they promise.

I have tried a wide variety of vaporizers, that simply don't make the cut, and don't offer that delicious taste or those big clouds of vapor that you simply crave. Of course, on my journey, I have found a few, and the Firefly 2 is one of them.

Although I'd like to say that the quality of vapor that the Firefly 2 offers is simply a miracle or a mystery, it is all thanks to the incredible engineering and crafting of the Firefly team.

They designed the Firefly 2 to use convection heating technology, so that no matter what material you are using, you will be able to enjoy the best taste, the smoothest vapor, and the best experience in general. Thanks to the high-tech cooling system that the Firefly 2 boasts, I was also able to enjoy not only the best vapor from my dry herbs, but also when vaporizing my concentrates at higher temperatures.

Something that I'd like to mention, is that when I say quality, I don't just mean overall “the unit offers great vapor” type of quality, I refer to The taste, the consistency, the cloud, and the temperature of the vapor.

I believe that it's super important to take all of these factors into consideration when rating the vapor that a unit offers. if I'm honest, many vaporizers I have rated in the past do not have such a high rating as a Firefly 2, and I was left impressed.

It truly amazed me that this smart little unit was able to offer not only high-quality vapor for my dry herbs but also for my concentrates. A vaporizer that is able to offer such versatility is truly hard to find, and I felt super happy to find a unit that was capable of doing so.

I believe that the versatility that the Firefly 2 offers, truly makes it one of the best portable vaporizers on the market today. it allowed me to experience new things on a daily basis, and not have to depend on another vaporizer to get what I wanted. Kudos to the FireFly team!

Wide Variety of Temperatures

Another thing that the Firefly team had to take into close consideration when designing this unit and for it to offer such a versatile experience, and vaporize a wide variety of materials, was temperature controls.

If a vaporizer does not have a wide variety of temperatures and is not capable of vaporizing materials that require a higher temperature, they simply cannot offer a versatile experience. This is something that the Firefly 2 has, the ads to its versatility, it's quality and something that simply made me love it more.

The Firefly 2 not only has a wide variety of temperatures to experiment with, and to use depending on materials, it also has 6 preset temperature settings, so that beginners can have an easier time finding the right temp for their materials.

Controlling the temperature of the unit is super easy I found, all you have to do is simply place your fingers on the small buttons or touchpad, and take either a longer or shorter draw off of the unit, and it will automatically change the temperature. However, if you do not want to press buttons and do it in a Hands-On way, you can try the app.

Firefly 2 High-Tech App

Firefly 2 App

Although I am truly not a tech nerd, or someone that enjoys applications for vaporizers, the Firefly 2 app caught me completely unprepared. It really is not like anything I had tried before with other vaporizers. Not only does the Firefly 2 app allow you to customize your temperatures, but also allows you to see the battery level of your unit and also find instructional videos if you ever need help with your vape unit.

Although I fancy myself a vape expert, I actually do find myself asking for help every once in a while with a vaporizer, and when the team add such a great feature as that, it makes me feel even more satisfied with the service.

The super helpful instructional videos that you find on the Firefly 2 App however, are not the only thing that I felt impressed with. Another thing that made me super happy with this app, is the fact that changing and customizing temperatures is super easy.

For a lazy vape lover like myself, that simply doesn't like taking the time to deal with complicated temperature controls, this app saved my life. It also allowed me to keep an eye on my battery life, so I knew when I needed to recharge it before running out of juice. Although these are simple things, they did truly allow me to feel happier with the app and the features that this unit boasts in general.


As I mentioned above, one of the things that allowed me to find the Firefly 2, was the fact that I was searching for a unit that was portable and could be used on the go.

Of course, I've had my share of big desktop vaporizers that produce huge clouds of vapor and that impressed session friends, but I found that it was time to change things up, and allow myself to try out a new on-the-go vape experience, with a unit that was designed to offer just that. Because there are a wide variety a vaporizers that are labeled portable, it was a little complicated to find this unit; like a needle in a haystack.

Although the Firefly 2 is not the smallest size unit on the market and does not boast the slimmest or most compact design, I did find that this vaporizer was perfect for what I needed. It was not too small for it to feel fragile and easy to lose, and it was not too big to feel bulky or hard to take on the go.

To enjoy it out in the world, I simply threw it in a jacket pocket, my purse, or a backpack, and was able to enjoy it on the go easily. Thanks to the durability of its build, I was also able to feel confident and not afraid to use it on a daily basis. However, its size and durability is not the only thing that allows it to be labeled as a portable vaporizer; it's battery is what makes it possible.

Powerful Battery

We have finally gotten to the part that I have been wanting to share with you, and one of the things that truly made me choose the Firefly 2 over a wide variety of units on the market… it's incredible battery.

Although the Firefly 2 isn't the first vaporizer to offer a lengthy session time, it does definitely stand out from a large list of vape units, that simply can't offer what it offers. The Firefly 2 offers a mind-blowing 2 hours of continual use, and recharges in only 45 minutes! it is super hard to find a vaporizer that lasts so long and that charges so quickly, and that is why I was left with my mouth open when I experienced this quality battery.

Although of course, this vaporizer like all other units needs to be recharged, it does offer enough battery life to enjoy it on the go and to take it on your daily outgoings. I found that when I wanted to take a hike, a walk, or simply take it with me when I knew I was going to have a long day out, it would actually last me long after I got home.

This might be because I do not vape as much as others, but I'm confident that it's simply because the Firefly 2 offers such incredible, long-lasting battery life. Thanks to its impressive, powerful battery, I highly recommend it for those that want a vaporizer that could be used on the go, and that can be enjoyed for long sessions.

What I Liked About the Firefly 2

Firefly 2 review

After reading through this review, you have probably already noticed that I am definitely a Firefly 2 fan. You can probably tell by the way I have described this product, but it has offered me such an incredible experience that I can offer it to other vape lovers.

The thing is, is that not all vaporizers have impressed me as much as this one has. It simply offers the exact experience I was looking for and allowed me to enjoy a vape unit in the way that I needed. The Firefly 2 was simply exactly what I was looking for.

If I get into detail though of what I loved about the Firefly 2, I could go on forever. But in summary, what I love the most about this unit, was its versatility, the quality vapor it offered, it's sturdy build, its simplicity, and the fact that it is perfect for on-the-go use.

The Firefly 2 is also super easy to understand, and it allowed me to enjoy a stress-free vape experience, without having to read a mile long essay about how to use it. Thanks to these things, I was able to simply fall in love with this unit, and I am now a big fan of Firefly vaporizers.

Who is it For?

Although the Firefly 2 is now one of my favourite products, I completely understand that this unit is not perfect for everyone. If you have found things in this review such as portability or quality, that you find inviting, I highly recommend getting this unit.

However, if you do not find the qualities that this vaporizer has enticing, there are also a wide variety of vaporizers that will still be perfect for you, so don't you worry!

There is one thing about the Firefly 2 that I believe will make some users want to look for a different option, and this is its price. The Firefly 2 is not the cheapest vaporizer on the market, and many vape lovers enjoy staying on a budget when it comes to finding a vape unit.

However, I truly did find that Firefly 2 offered me the quality, functionality, and the features that it promised; and after my incredible experience, I truly do believe that the price is totally worth it.

At the end of the day however, I leave the choosing completely up to you. I hope that the information I shared with you about my experience with the firefly 2 has been helpful, but even if you do not choose this unit, I still wish you the absolute best on your vape journey.

With the variety of vaporizers there on the market today, I am confident that you will quickly find one that is perfect for you!

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