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Bongs also known as water pipes are the most classic way of consuming dry herbs, generally considered the best way to get the biggest hit due to the cooling provided by the water and percolators helps you take more into your lungs without the coughing you would get from similar draws from other devices like pipes. So even though there are a number of ways to consume dry herbs, yet, a great deal of dry herb consumers prefer bongs, Even with the rapid growth in popularity of vapes, many still prefer a bong. It could be because of the fact that bongs generally let one take bigger or even longer hits. Accordingly, the effect from using bongs could be more immediate and instant.

There are various types of bongs that differ in its purpose and design. As there are plenty of ways on how you could consume dry herbs, there are also different ways on how you could ingest it from a bong. The type of bongs are glass bongs, acrylic bongs, percolator pongs, cheap bongs, and premium bongs. Every bong has its intended aim so that it could match the preference and lifestyle of its users.

The most common type is the glass bong for it is traditional and more known in the industry. In addition, these bongs are constructed with their own touch of flair as they differ from shapes, sizes, and designs.

Though it may come with proper handling, most glass bongs produced by well-known companies are using exceptional materials that guarantee stability and functionality. In this collection of bongs, the brands featured are Art Glass, Black Leaf, Famous Brandz, Grav Labs, Killer Bongs, and Roor Bongs. There is a surplus of other brands that develop well-crafted bongs, but the mentioned brands assuredly have the outstanding ones that are sought-after in the Canadian market.

Famous Brandz

The Famous Brandz is renowned for its creative, unique, and iconic bongs. It created a bong giving special recognition to the Trailer Park Boys, a Canadian television series. The 12-inch glass bong is covered with images of Bubbles, the character that majority of its watchers are in favour of. This bong has a wide bubble-shaped base that provides durability and quality hit. Not only that, but its ice notch and wide mouthpiece definitely make it enjoyable for the user because of the cooled down vapour that it gives out.



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