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Dry Herb Vaporizers 

Dry herb vaporizers are a staple of the vaping world. Although they weren’t the first devices to hit the market, it didn’t take long for dry herb vapes to become some of the most popular vaporizers around the world. The appeal was obvious: for lovers of fine herb, dry herb vapes offered an opportunity to keep using their favourite material—in a much more efficient and less-smelly way. 

Stretching stashes longer isn’t the only appeal of dry herb vaporizers, as any vape pro could tell you. Compact pen-style models can be used with ease and comfort wherever you are. High-end models boast customisable temperature settings that can be used to heat your dry herb to a wide spectrum of levels, opening up a whole new universe of vaping sensations.

Regardless of the type of dry herb vaporizer you’re looking for, the Herbalize Store has a device to fit your needs. Each of them have been carefully selected by our expert team to cater to vapers’ needs, whether you’re a beginner or a longtime pro. And to help you pick the perfect dry herb vape for you, we’ve put together this quick and informative guide: 

Dry Herb Vape FAQ 

In case you’re not overly familiar with dry herb vapes, here’s a quick roundup of the most common questions people tend to ask:

1. How do dry herb vaporizers work?

Dry herb vaporizers work by heating ground herbs to very high temperatures without burning them. There are three main ways dry herb vapes do this: conduction heating (which heats the herb via direct contact), convection heating (which heats the herb by blasting it with hot air), and hybrid heating (which uses a mixture of both techniques).

2. Are dry herb vaporizers healthy?

According to the National Health Service (NHS), dry herb vaporizers are safer than traditional forms of smoking. This is because when herbs are combusted—i.e. burnt—instead of vaporised, they release a number of carcinogens and other harmful materials as byproducts. Whilst most scientists don’t go as far as to recommend vaping as ‘healthy,’ there’s a wide consensus that it’s better than the alternatives.

3. Are dry herb vaporizers safe?

So long as they’re well made, dry herb vaporizers don’t pose any special safety risks. In recent years, some sensational news reports have highlighted cases where dry herb vapes ‘exploded’ while in use, which has raised understandable concerns. However, it’s important to point out that these malfunctioning vapes were counterfeit or poorly made devices. The Herbalize Store takes great care to ensure that every vape we stock comes from reputable, well-established manufacturers with strong safety records. 

4. Do dry herb vaporizers smell?

This will depend to a great extent on your specific device and the type of herb you’re using. Some dry herb vapes come with special caps to minimise the smell after a session. In any case, though, the odour associated with dry herb vapes is much less than that of traditional cigarettes or smoking methods. 

5. How portable are dry herb vaporizers?

The majority of dry herb vapes are small enough to be carried in your pocket or bag. Whilst some ‘desktop dry herb vapes’ are available, the vast majority of dry herb vapes you’ll find are lightweight and powered by batteries. 

How to Choose the Perfect Dry Herb Vaporizer For You?

Since there are so many different types of dry herb vape on the market today, it’s easy to get ‘paralysis by analysis.’ Never fear, though—you can whittle down your options substantially just by considering the three questions below:

1. What size vaporizer do you want?

As mentioned before, most dry herb vaporizers are portable—in other words, they don’t need to be plugged into an external power source to work. However, just as a 2020 MacBook Air is portable in a different sense than a 2008 IBM Brickpad, some portable dry herb vapes are more, well, portable than others. Pen-style designs tend to be better for microdosing and quick solo sessions, whilst larger ‘block-style’ vapes are better for group sessions and hardcore use. 

2. Do you want precision temperature controls?

Some basic dry herb vaporizers come with one fixed heat setting. For some beginners, that’s more than enough—the user-friendliness outweighs the lack of options. But if you’re looking for more control over your vape experience, you might want to choose a dry herb vape that allows you to set the temperature to your specific preferences, since this can have a significant effect on the sensations you feel during a session.

3. What kind of battery do you prefer?

Some dry herb vapes can last for days’ worth of use on a single charge, whilst others need to be recharged after just a few sessions. In many cases, the former tend to take a long time to get their juice back (which can be annoying if you’re in a hurry)—though this isn’t always true, so check the product description carefully to see the charging time. Another thing to consider is removable batteries: some dry herb vapes feature batteries that can be swapped out on the go, greatly extending the life of your device. 

Dry Herb Vape Product Recommendations:

We asked the Herbalize Store team for their top choices of dry herb vapes for different types of vapers. Here’s what they came up with:

  • Beginners: The DaVinci MIQRO is a compact, powerful, and user-friendly dry herb vape at an affordable price.
  • Casual Users: The FENiX 2.0 boasts precision temperature controls, a ruggedly designed body, and some of the best vapor quality out there. 
  • Advanced Vapers: The Arizer ArGo has the power of a large vape in the body of a small one, with an unbeatable combination of performance and design.

Pros and Cons of Dry Herb Vapes 

Dry herb vapes have been cherished by people all around the world for years—they’re an undeniable upgrade over smoking in many ways, and they’ve been around long enough for companies to finetune their designs. Having said that, they do have a few drawbacks when compared against concentrate or dual use vaporizers: 

Pros of Dry Herb Vapes

Cons of Dry Herb Vapes

Built specifically for dry herb

Not compatible with concentrates 

Easier to clean

Less potent experience

Often more affordable

Fewer options for what to vape

More mellow experience

Less efficient use of material

Material tends to be more accessible

More pronounced odour (sometimes)

Who Are Dry Herb Vapes For?

Dry herb vaporizers can be used and enjoyed by anyone—whether you’re a first time vaper or a seasoned pro with a decade of experience. The only ‘requirement’ is that you be a fan of dry herb. If you’ve got a soft spot for old-fashioned flower—and you’re not interested in experimenting with any of the newfangled concentrates now on the market—a dry herb vape will do everything you need. There’s also an argument to be made that dry herb vapes are better for microdosing, since the material is less strong, but in our opinion that’s a less compelling reason to get a dry herb vape. Essentially, it’s really all about your feelings regarding the herb itself.



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