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What Are E-Nails?


Dab e-nails are a unique way to vaporize your dabs or concentrates. They consist of a high powered battery connected to a long stem which varies in materials depending on the device, and sometimes a single or dual rod atomizer for higher power and quicker heat up time.

These E-Nail devices can also be called “nectar collectors”, because they have a small nail-like stem that protrudes out of the dab vaporizer with which you can collect and vaporize your concentrates instantly.

E-Nails are built specifically for dabbing, and therefore they only support the vaporization of concentrates, and are not built to have a chamber or “bowl” for dry herbs. Dabbing with E-Nails is a very quick and clean way to vape you concentrates for this very reason; and they eliminate all the clean up and maintenance needed with traditional combustion nectar collectors.

When the high powered battery is turned on, the device instantly begins heating up to full potential (or to the heat setting which you have selected on your device). Once the stem comes in contact with your concentrates, the concentrates immediately vaporize, and the vapour comes through the nectar collector stem and through the mouthpiece, delivering you then your amazing tasting vapour hit.

E-Nails can come in different shapes and sized, and are quite diverse when it comes to operating them; but one thing is for sure, they are all very intuitive and easy to use. For example, on our site here at Herbalize Store, we like to give our clients a variety of choices from which they can choose from. Further below you will be able to see how each individual E-Nail we sell is different, but you will also notice that they are all quite easy to operate, and that they all produce ultra high quality vapour.


Why Do People Like E-Nails?


Since E-Nails have become popular, people have begun to prefer these when they compare their E-Nail experience with their previous combustion nectar collector experience. The main reason people are beginning to switch to E-Nail vaping is that E-Nails provide users with a significantly more relaxed and easy experience all around.

Another reason E-Nails have become so popular is that E-Nails don’t require half as much clean up after sessions as their predecessors, and they are altogether much easier to maintain than the traditional versions of dab nails.

In addition to this we would like to mention that many users also comment on the fact that E-Nails provide them with higher quality vapour, better tasting hits, and a better overall vapour quality. There are many factors that make this true, but the main one is the fact that vaping your concentrates is said to provide a much cleaner and much better tasting that the other methods of traditional dabbing.

Some people may feel a bit intimidated when they think of handling a high powered device such as these E-Nails, or they may feel like the process is complicated when viewed from the outside, but the truth is that using E-Nails is quite simple, because basically all you have to do is turn the power on, let the device heat up, and then dip the E-Nail stem into your concentrates. So, do not worry if it may seem a little complicated, for it is almost easier than using any traditional vaporizers in general.

The overall experience when vaping dabs with an E-Nail is wonderful in many people’s opinions, therefore it has become a highly recommended way to begin dabbing, or to continue dabbing. Using E-Nails will offer you a clean, tasty, and very efficient experience, so we also highly recommend giving it a try with one of our dab E-Nail devices.


E-Nail Brands We Offer:


Here at Herbalize Store UK, we strive to provide our clients with a variety of products, including a collection of E-Nails for their optimal convenience and ease. Below you can get acquainted with all the different E-Nails we offer, and you will be able to read about all the essential information, know more about each product’s features, and get to know more about each product before you purchase it.


Dr. Dabber Boost | Black Edition

The Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition is a unique product when it comes to E-Nails. It is made with incredibly high quality materials and amazing craftsmanship, which is immediately apparent when you first glance at it, and more so when you begin using it.

The Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition is an innovative and sophisticated take on the traditional E-Nail dab device. This unit is very popular both thanks to its amazing quality, and because it comes with three different types of nails: one made from titanium, another from ceramic, and the last made from quartz.  This allows the user to choose their favourite nail for each different mood or concentrate, and also allows further personalization for your sessions.

This E-Nails device stands at 7 inches tall, is very easy to operate, and is intuitive when it comes to switching between nails and using it. It is a discreet way to go about your adventures in a fun and relaxed way, because of its size and ease of operation; and is very reliable thanks to its amazing battery.

Although this E-Nail unit doesn't have any temperature controls, many people claim it doesn't need them because the temperature it operates on is perfect. The Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition’s default level temperature begins at 515 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 287 degrees Celsius), and after 20 seconds of heating up, the unit should reach more than 600 degrees Fahrenheit (315 degrees Celsius) before the heat unit automatically shuts off.

The Boost Black Edition’s battery is capable of charging in a matter of less than 2 hours, and provides up to 60 amazing tasting hits before needing to be charged again. This, of course, may vary depending on how much you use your unit, but the average use is around 50 hits per charge, which is really great when you take in mind the big clouds of good tasting vapour you get.

When you buy your Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition, it also includes a glass water accessory attachment that is relatively small, but allows users to get smooth, low temperature hits. People love this accessory because using a water bubbler with a vape E-Nail is actually quite similar to using it with a bong or other combustion apparatus, but the flavour of the vape is 100 times better than with traditional dab rigs.


E-Nail with Remote Control

If you are looking for a highly sophisticated E-Nail with amazing temperature control, the E-Nail with Remote Control is definitely the kit for you. This great dabbing E-Nail kit is one of a kind, and is made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

This particular E-Nail is more complex than, say, the Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition mentioned above, yet is not more complicated to use. Of course, it may have more accessories and a bit more equipment than the compact and smaller Dr. Dabber device, but it really pays off once you start using it.

The E-Nail with Remote Control is one of a kind, as its temperature is altered by means of a remote control, making this unit very easy to navigate and manipulate. The temperature on this vapour dabbing device can be increased or decreased in one degree increments, giving you immense control over your vaping sessions.

The heat settings start all the way down at 0 and can reach an astonishing 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 982 degrees Celsius) at top temperature. This is one of the highest, if not the highest temperature on any E-Nail device available. The reason for such high temperatures is that many people theorize that the higher the temperature is, the bigger the cloud will be, the faster the hit will come, and the more product will be vaporized in one go.

This kit boasts a high quality titanium nail, which is said to be one of the best materials for E-Nails, and a carb cap of the same material, a 16 millimetre coil (for heating the nail) which has an aircraft grade plug that attaches it to the control unit, the E-Nail control itself, a remote control for the control unit, and a portable metal carry case to keep your whole kit handy when you are out on an adventure.

Though it may seem like the kit comes with a saturated amount of different components, there really is nothing to it, and it is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is to connect the whole kit together, set your desired temperature, load your concentrates into the device, let the device heat up (which takes only a few seconds), and then take your amazing hit.

We always recommend reading up on the instructions before putting any device together, and the same goes for this one; but once you get the hang of it, taking your device on your travels within UK will be a breeze.

Of course, due to the design of this E-Nail device, it is not portable like the Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition, for you do need to plug it in for it to function; but it is definitely easy to take with you on your travels or to other places where you can connect your device and use it. So, for this price, you get much more than an ordinary vaporizer; you get an amazing high quality E-Nail that is durable, functional, and that works amazingly each time you use it.


D-Nail 1.3 Digital Vaporizer

The D-Nail 1.3 Digital Vaporizer is definitely one of the most popular E-Nail vaporizer devices on the market today, ever since it was voted #1 by the High Times Magazine. Now, when High Times Magazine votes a product as their #1, they mean it.

So, from the start, the D-Nail 1.3 Digital Vaporizer has had a lot of features that are appealing to many people who are looking for a high quality E-Nail dab vaporizer. Among these features, the D-Nail 1.3 Digital Vaporizer boasts a very high potency power source, high quality materials, ease of use, heat settings which can be altered in 1 degree increments, and amazing quality vapour production.

This E-Nail is one of a kind thanks to its unique take on traditional dabbing mechanisms. It focuses on the fact that vaporizing your dabs is much better than smoking your dabs with a traditional torch nectar collector, and therefore makes all ts components super easy to use, clean, and maintain.

In addition to this, its heater coil, its high quality titanium nail, its carb cap, and its universal joint size with which you can fit any device or accessory to your E-Nail are all made with amazing craftsmanship and designed to perfection. All these amazing components and features make the D-Nail 1.3 Digital Vaporizer a must have in your collection, and may even be the one and only vaporizer you need if you prefer dabbing.

This unit is, like the E-Nail with Remote Control device, not a very portable or “on the go” type of vaporizer, but it is easily taken to a place where you can plug in your device and get a nice dabbing session. Of course, for some this may be a deal-breaker, but with the potency of concentrates, and the amazing quality of this vaporizer, if you hit it before you leave your house; you will most probably not need another hit until you come home.


Now, as you can see, all the dabbing E-Nail vaporizer kits we offer here at Herbalize Store UK are of the best and highest quality, so we hope that you are able to find exactly want you want within our E-Nail collection.

Dabbing with one of these kits will be an amazing experience every single time, and you will most likely be as pleased as we are with these products once you get your hands on them and begin your dabbing sessions.



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