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Extreme Q Parts & Accessories

The Arizer Extreme Q is a very versatile vaporizer and is complete with a number of super fun and unique features… But it gets better! Using the Extreme Q with its array of accessories gives you an even better experience. Try some of your favourite ones to realize the vaporizer’s full potential. 

Whip Set

This 3ft whip set is made specifically for the Extreme Q vape unit. It comes with all you need to get the party started: the 3ft tubing, a high quality glass adapter, and a mesh screen for the adapter.

We highly recommend trying it out. You’ll love the enhanced flavour, the cool vapour, and the super fun experience!

Whip Kit

If you’re looking for a whip kit, instead of just the 3ft whip itself, then take a look at this set. It comes with the 3ft whip, a glass elbow adapter, the whip’s mouthpiece, and inverse screen for the whip, the crowd-favourite glass cyclone bowl, and a glass stir tool. All you need for a bundle price -- can’t get any better.

Mini Whip

This tiny version of the original Extreme Q whip is just what you need if you like keeping it simple and easy. It measures just 3 inches long, and it comes with a glass elbow adapter and an inverse screen -- everything you need to start right away!

14mm Glass Whip Water Tool Adapter

If you love using water tools or bongs, then this 14mm adapter is exactly what you need to start using your favourite vaporizer with your favourite water tool. It’s super easy to use, and it allows you to connect to any 14mm water tool or accessory!

Arizer Balloon Kit

This kit is a replacement for the original balloon set that you get with your Arizer Q. It comes with everything you need to start vaping as soon as you get your package, including: 4 “O” rings, 4 balloon bags, and 2 balloon frosted glass mouthpieces.

Tuff Bowl

The Tuff Bowl accessory is here to give you a better experience while vaping. It allows even heat distribution throughout your product as it vaporizes, and gives you really nice tasting vapour -- which we all love. 

It is made from high quality glass, is resistant to cracking and breaking easily, and is made to last you a long time. So give it a try!

Cyclone Bowl

Much like the Tuff Bowl, the Cyclone Bowl is another one of the exchangeable bowls made for the Extreme Q vaporizer. It is a bit different, however, as it is made from both glass and high grade silicone. 

Try the Cyclone Bowl for even heat distribution, great flavour, and smooth hits. You can try this bowl in unison with your favourite herb and the whip set, and you have yourself the perfect vaping combination!

Volcano SOLID VALVE  Balloon Bags

This is a 10ft roll of Ballon material made so that you can cut any desired sized balloons for your vaping experience. You can go for a huge Balloon or a super personal-sized balloon. Check this out if you love using the balloons with your Arizer Extreme Q vape unit.

Screen Kit

In this screen pack, you will find 2 circular mesh screens which fit perfectly into the Cyclone bowl, and 2 domed mesh screens made for the Tuff bowl. 

We highly recommend always keeping a pack of screens on hand, since it is good to change them out once they have been used for a while. You will love the difference when you change from your old one to a new one. 

Elbow Adapter

This all-glass elbow-type adapter is made to perfectly fit into the Extreme Q, and into the whip. 

It’s made from high quality materials and is designed to perfection, so your experiences with the whip set will be more than amazing every time. Just try it out and see!

Extreme Q Mouthpiece

Borosilicate is very strong and resistant to shattering, but every once in a while it does happen. But not to worry! You can always purchase this replacement mouthpiece to start vaping like nothing ever happened. 

Remote Control

The Extreme Q comes with the unique feature of being controllable through remote control. This allows us to turn it on/off, let it start heating, and even set temperatures, times, and fan speeds -- all from the comfort of our couch!



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