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DaVinci Miqro Accessories

In this collection you will find all of the awesome Davinci Miqro vaporizer accessories from carry cases to extra batteries, it’s all here.

They are all made specifically to enhance your experience with this community-favourite vape unit, and we highly recommend checking them out and getting your favourite ones!

Carry Can

This innovative carry can is made to hold your Davinci Miqro. It is odour proof, waterproof, and damage-proof - so it’s basically all you need to keep your Miqro safe and sound. It’s made to hold your Miqro and has a little extra space for your products too!

It’s sealed with high-quality rubber which makes it smooth to the touch and ultra wear-proof. Also, you’ll find that the keychain design allows you to clip onto anything and g, so it’s perfect for on-the-go adventures.

Soft Carry Case

This Davinci’s soft carry case is made specially for the Miqro vaporizer. It is larger than the carry can, and has small pouches inside for all your essential accessories and extra product.

It is made with super high-quality materials, so it is durable and fool-proof, and it even has odour-proof zip technology which locks in all the aroma making it super discreet and perfect to take anywhere!

Flat Mouthpiece

The Davinci Miqro comes with a straw-like mouthpiece when you initially purchase it, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So they made a second option, which is this high quality flat-style mouthpiece as a second option.

It’s made from 100% zirconium ceramic, which makes your vapour taste amazing, has a great texture, and is super resistant to pretty much anything. We highly recommend giving this flat mouthpiece a try!


For extra protection (not to mention a really cool look), you can use the Davinci Miqro glove. It is made from resistant materials that keep your Miqro safe from scratching, denting, and breaking.

We love the design of the glove because it’s minimalistic, has a great feel and texture, and really does its job. We highly recommend getting this to protect your unit even while it’s out of its carrier.

Vapour Path

The Miqro vaporizer boasts a removable vapour path. Made from 100% zirconium ceramic, it offers the same amazing taste as glass but is much more resistant. Not to mention, it cools down the vapour for smoother and tastier hits.

We recommend keeping an extra one on-hand in case anything happens to the original or to always have a clean vaporizer. In short, it’s pretty essential to the vape, and you should always be prepared!


An extra battery is super essential in all vape kits. This one is made specifically for the Davinci Miqro. It is a high quality 18350 battery and is chargeable with the Davinci Miqro charger - just like the original battery.

We recommend using 2 batteries - one to use while the other one is charging - to have seamless and endless vaping all day!

USB Cable

This high-quality woven exterior USB cable is made specifically for this Miqro vape unit. You can use with an AC adapter, or you can plug it directly into a USB port on a PC for charging your unit.



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