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PAX Lab Vaporizers

PAX Lab has one of the most interesting backstories of any vape brand in the world. Founded in 2007, PAX were a pioneer in the vaping field specialising in small, stylish portable vaporizers that turned these formerly utilitarian devices into full-on fashion statements. PAX's products proved so popular they literally changed the way people thought about vaping in 2015, demand for the brand's Juul e-cigarettes became so great that Juul was spun off into its own company.

Meanwhile, PAX itself kept finding ways to make its own vaporizers slimmer, more powerful, and more versatile. Today, they offer a wide line of portable vaporizers that can handle any material under the sun: oils, solid concentrates, dry herb, you name it. And judging by the awards the brand has won their ERA Pro model, for example, won TIME Magazine's ‘Best of CES' Award in 2020 PAX vapes just keep getting better. Their high-quality products are quickly making them to one of the most popular vaporizer manufacturers on the market.

Here at the Herbalize Store, PAX vaporizers are some of our personal favourites whether you're a vaping novice or a grizzled veteran, you really can't go wrong with these devices. They've got something to offer vapers of all backgrounds and preferences, as you'll see in a moment. And when you buy your PAX vape from the Herbalize Store, you're not just getting a great product: you're also getting free shipping and free returns within 14 days. Oh, and we'll plant a tree in your name as well.

PAX Vaporizers FAQ

Typically, the first question people ask about PAX vapes is, ‘How much do they cost?' The answer is ‘surprisingly little, considering all the features and high-tech design elements.' Here are a few other questions people often ask us about these wildly popular vapes:

1. How do PAX vaporizers work?

PAX vaporizers use a conduction heating method in other words, the oven chamber containing your material is heated to a very high temperature, which releases certain compounds in your material without burning it. The oven lid is magnetic and can be replaced with concentrate insert for PAX Plus users. Additionally, the lid can be swapped for the Half-pack oven lids that reduces the oven size by 50%. PAX Plus vapes come with adjustable temperature settings, which gives you precise control over which compounds are released (and in what quantities). The Mini features one setting only making it the perfect PAX device for beginners.

2. Are PAX vaporizers safe?

PAX vaporizers are some of the best-made devices on the market, so they're not subject to the same quality control issues that plague some low-cost vape models. In other words, you don't have to worry about your PAX literally blowing up in your face. And whilst few medical experts would recommend vaping as ‘safe' in a vacuum, a growing number of studies have shown that vaping is safer than traditional forms of smoking.

3. Do PAX vaporizers smell?

The short answer is ‘yes, but not nearly as strongly as traditional forms of smoking.' The amount of odour emitted by a PAX vaporizer depends in large part on the material you're using, and the temperature at which you're using it. If you're walking down the street puffing on your PAX, the smell won't be undetectable, but it's also unlikely to attract an inordinate amount of attention.

4. Are PAX vaporizers worth the money?

The general consensus among both vape users and reviewers is ‘definitely.' PAX vapes are quite affordable, for one (even the newest models cost less than half the price of some notable competitors), and they've acquired a reputation for durability. In other words, you won't have to take out a bank loan to buy one, and you won't have to replace it in a few months (assuming you take decent care of it).

5. Where can I buy PAX vaporizers?

As you might expect with such a popular product, PAX vaporizers are available from a dizzying number of online retailers. However, just like the popularity of Louis Vuitton bags or Rolex watches has led to a proliferation of cheaply-made knockoffs, counterfeit PAX vaporizers are unfortunately common. But at the Herbalize Store , we have a reputation to protect and so you have our guarantee that all PAX vaporizers you find on our site are 100 percent genuine.

6. Is PAX a good vaporizer?

We think the Pax Plus offers decent vapor quality for a portable conduction vaporizer. While there are some conduction dry herb vaporizers that may provide better vapor quality, this may not be the top choice for vapor purists.

What Makes PAX Stand Out?

PAX vapes are instantly recognisable by their trademark ‘four petal' design on the front of each device. These LED lights aren't just there for style: they were ingeniously designed to provide updates on battery life, temperature settings, and more. This type of clever creativity is a hallmark of PAX here are some more reasons to appreciate their creations:

1. Slim, Stylish Design

PAX vaporizers have been called ‘the iPhone' of vaporizers on more than one occasion, and the comparison is an apt one. Their polished aluminium bodies slide easily into any pocket or bag with less bulk than a ‘brick'-style vaporizer, yet a more pleasant heft in the hand than a typical vape pen. They're also available in a range of colours options, which is a nice touch.

2. Compatible With Dry Herb and Concentrates

No matter what you like to vape, there's a PAX vaporizer for you. For example, connoisseurs of dry herb and concentrates will appreciate the top selling PAX Plus Vaporizer as a dual-use vape that can accommodate your dry herbs or your favourite waxes or shatters (or anything else) thanks to its special inserts.

The PAX Mini , it's predecessor, a lightweight but powerful vape that's great for both solo sessions and relaxing with friends is still widely popular for vaping dry herbs.

3. Advanced Mobile App

PAX were one of the first brands to unveil a dedicated smartphone app for their vaporizers. Not only does the app allow you greater control over your sessions thanks to its precision temperature controls but it can even help you find the specific chemical profile of what you're vaping, so you know exactly what gives you those good vibes.

What's New in PAX's Collection?

When PAX launches a new product, it's an event albeit a somewhat infrequent one, since so much design time and product testing goes into each new model. Here's what you should know about their latest and greatest creation:

PAX Plus is the ultimate dual use vaporizer that is equally adept with ground flower as solid concentrates. It features the new 3D oven screens for improved heating. Boasting custom preset temperature modes (including STEALTH mode, which is ideal for those who like to vape in public) and a 10 year limited warranty, the PAX Plus is one of the world's most popular vaporizers and for good reason, as it produces some of the finest vapor of any device out there.

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Final Thoughts on PAX Vaporizers

PAX vaporizers might be the perfect beginner's vape thanks to their user-friendly controls and hassle-free performance, but they can also be an ideal addition to the kit of experienced vapers, thanks to the high tech mobile app and customisable options for each session. Attractive and durable, these are discrete vaporizers that will stand the test of time and at this price point, there's not much for you could want from a new vape. The Mini is a great handheld vaporizer for beginners below the regular price of a premium vape. Say goodbye to complex settings and harsh smoke.

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