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Plenty Accessories Overview

The Plenty vaporizer by Storz and Bickel is already a super efficient and dynamic vaporizer alone. But using accessories can boost your user experience to a whole new level. From a cooling unit to wear and tear sets, we offer all the best accessories for this awesome vaporizer. So take a look at what we have and choose your favourites today!

Wear and tear Set

The Wear and Tear Set for the Plenty vape unit is complete with anything and everything you need to make your vaping sessions amazing. The kit includes mouthpieces, cooling coil, long and short tubing sections, a normal screen set, a drip pad and a special cleaning brush. If you purchase one of these bundles you save money, time, and you get everything you need! It’s a win-win(-win) situation!

Filling Chamber

This is a replacement filling chamber unit for the Plenty vaporizer unit. It comes with everything you need: screen filter, cylinder, and plastic chamber housing. We recommend to have one in your vaping kit in case you need to replace your original one. It’s always better to be prepared!

Liquid Pads

The Plenty works wonders with liquid concentrates. Every hit tastes amazing, and the clouds are dense. But the key to these amazing hits is always using a clean liquid pad. That’s why we offer this pack of new liquid pads for the Plenty vaporizer. The pack comes with 2 high quality liquid pads, which is perfect for a around 20 sessions each (depending on use)!

Cooling Unit

The cooling unit on the Plenty vaporizer is the hose-like coil. This can become damaged or worn out due to use. But you can easily replace it with this official Plenty cooling unit coil! Also, if you’re a bit clumsy like some of us here at Herbalize, you can always prepare in advance and have an extra in your vaping kit.


One of the pieces on a vaporizer which should be replaced most often is the mouthpiece. That’s exactly why we have this replacement set complete with 4 official Plenty mouthpieces. Having these around will allow you to be prepared when your mouthpiece needs to be replaced. It’s a super great purchase with great value!



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