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Puffco hit the vaporizer industry back in 2013, back when vaporizers were a curiosity that felt like something out of Star Trek. From the very beginning, Puffco were different whilst other brands competed against each other to unveil bigger and better dry herb vaporizers, Puffco decided to think small (and concentrated).

The end result was a line of ‘dab pens' that reshaped how we think about vaping: sleek, stylish devices the size of a Bic that could be used for precision hits using highly potent materials like wax, shatter, or budder. These vapes were made with ‘median vapers' in mind people who liked the ritual of vaping and wanted a certain degree of control over it, without falling into a full on obsession over chemistry and technological features.

That was the origin of the Puffco line, and today these portable concentrate vapes are some of the most popular vaporizers across the globe. At the Herbalize Store, we carry a wide array of Puffco's top models, which can be yours along with perks like free shipping and a free tree planted in your name (we do take pride in being a sustainable vape shop, after all).

If you're considering getting yourself a Puffco vape, here's what you should know:

Puffco Vapes FAQ

Our team at the Herbalize Store answer a lot of questions about vapes every day and Puffco are one of the most common topics. Here's what people often want to know about them:

1. Can you use dry herb with Puffco vapes?

Puffco vapes are designed to be used with solid concentrates things like wax, shatter, budder, or resin. Having said that, it is possible to use dry herb with some Puffco models. Just be aware that the temperature range is typically higher on these devices than on dry herb vaporizers , so you might find yourself feeling the effects a bit more.

2. How long do Puffco atomizers last?

The lifespan of your Puffco atomizer coil i.e. the part of the vape that heats up your material–will depend in large part on how often you clean, and how heavily you use your vape. Under normal conditions, atomizer coils typically last around 1-3 months. You might be able to extend that timeframe with regular cleaning (and the opposite is obviously true as well; if you never clean your vape, the atomizer can become unusable in just a few weeks).

3. Are Puffco vaporizers worth it?

Obviously there's an element of subjectivity here, but the answer seems to be an unequivocal yes (for most people). These are well made devices free of common bugs or design flaws, and they tend to last a long time with proper care, judging from the customer reviews. Peak Pro even offers an app with a wide range of features, like heat settings, mood-lights to enhance consumption experience.

4. Where can you buy Puffco vaporizers?

As befits one of the world's most popular vape brands, Puffco vaporizers can be found in hundreds of marketplaces across the internet. Buyer beware, though: fakes are unfortunately common, and that £30 brand new Puffco from a no name website of indeterminate origin is almost certainly counterfeit. The good news is that reputable markets like the Herbalize Store carefully inspect each shipment to ensure it's legit, so you don't have to look too hard to find a great new Puffco vape. We also carry all the latest limited edition products from Puffco.

5. What's the best Puffco vape?

It's time for our favourite refrain, ‘It all depends on your needs and preferences!' In just a minute, we'll run through the best Puffco vapes for you, depending on your personal ‘vaper's profile.' Most customers claims the flagship product Peak Pro is the indusrty leader.However, the new Puffco Proxy may be considered the best due to it's additional products like the Bub water bubbler .

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What Makes Puffco Stand Out?

If you wanted, you could write an entire book on why Puffco vapes are so popular among vapers around the world. You've probably got better things to do though (we love Puffco, but even we probably wouldn't read that book), so here's a quick summary of why these vapes get such good reviews:

1. Exquisite Design

Puffco have won awards and plaudits from the biggest names in the industry from High Times to Rolling Stone thanks in no small part to their genuinely gorgeous designs. Their sleek and elegant dab pens have a pleasant heft that just feels like quality, whilst the smooth curves and eye-pleasing shape of devices like the Peak show that Puffco's designers are masters of many forms.

2. Large Oven Chambers

Although Puffco vapes are excellent for people into microdosing and light use in general, they're also perfect for group sessions thanks to their large, easy to load oven chambers. Many Puffco vapes like the Puffco Plus come with a special loading tool that allows for a mess-free loading of even the stickiest concentrates. Once you're set to go, you and your friends can pass around the Puffco for extended group sessions without having to refill after every few hits.

3. Precision Temperature Controls

Vaping at different temperatures can yield vastly different effects with the same material a subtle experience at low temps can become an intense one when you turn the heat up. With Puffco vapes, you're not stuck with just one temperature, but neither are you overwhelmed with a baffling array of hard to control options. Puffco's preset temperatures and intuitive controls make it easy to customise your session to your exact preferences.

Puffco Vape Recommendations

Our team at the Herbalize Store are huge fans of Puffco they're some of our favourite ‘daily driver' vapes, in fact. Here are our recommendations for vapers of all levels:

The Proxy is an modular vape pipe made specially for concentrates, and the simple but effective temperature controls provide a nice segue into vaping for new users.

Casual Users: The Puffco Plus New is another stylish, lightweight dab vape pen that's beloved among concentrate vapers thanks to its ease of use and remarkably long battery life.

The Puffco New Peak Pro is one of the most-awarded concentrate vaporizers in history you won't find a product like this anywhere else. Roger Volodarsky created a new concentrate experience combining ceramic bowl hearing with a glass attachment. The results are 3D Ceramic chambers providing pure enjoyment and flavor.

What's New in Puffco'S Collection?

Any time that Puffco releases a new device, it's an event that catches the attention of the whole vaping world. Their latest creation might be among Puffco's most groundbreaking vapes yet:

Billed as ‘the world's first smart dab rig,' the New Puffco Peak blends the brand's trademark 10 year design flair and concentrates-related expertise with the latest in vaping technology. The field of ‘e-nails' devices that combine the power of a dab rig with the convenience of a vaporizer is rapidly expanding, but nobody is doing it better than Puffco. Plus, if you're a fan of water pipes, you'll appreciate the aquatic element of this remarkable device. 

Elevate your Puffco experience with the exquisite craftsmanship of Ryan Fitt custom glass. Elegant Design made in collaboration with Puffco, these unique pieces of art are not just accessories; they are a statement of elegance and functionality. 

Transform your Puffco vaporizer into a conversation starter with Ryan Fitt custom glass. Experience the blend of beauty and functionality, and elevate your sessions to a whole new level. 

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Final Thoughts on Puffco Vaporizers

Puffco vapes are a concentrate lover's best friend and as we mentioned before, they can also be used for flower if you've got a mind to do so. However, it's with materials like wax and shatter that Puffco vapes really shine, and it's almost a shame to use them with anything else (like putting regular petrol in a Lamborghini).

Having said that, their affordable price tag and long-term durability mean that you're also getting a vape that can hold up to daily use without sending you into a panic attack each time it rolls off the table. There's a reason Puffco are one of the most trusted names in the vape world, and they make an excellent addition to any vaper's kit.



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