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The XMAX range of dry herb vaporizers.

The XMAX arsenal from TopGreen Technology Co. brings you a huge range of punchy, yet affordable, dry herb vaporizers to choose from. With the sheer variety XMAX vaporizers TopGreen offers, you will be able to find something which suits your needs in a device, both from a budget and performance standpoint.

XMAX models are known for long battery life, affordability and portability. With removable long-lasting 2900MaH 18650 batteries used in all of TopGreen’s XMAX devices (minus the XMAX Qomo’s 1350MaH cell battery), you can hot-swap fresh bricks purchased as spares, or even from one device to another to keep your sessions going all day long.

The XMAX range covers the entire spectrum when it comes to features and nuances you expect from modern dry herb vaporizers. For example, if you’re looking for an ultraportable pocket-sized vaporizer then the XMAX V3 Pro has you covered, able to withstand the bumps and bruises from going about day-to-day life. It also features their newest convection technology, with a sealed airpath for better flavour and vapour quality!

If you’re looking for a powerhouse vaporizer able to tackle anything you throw at it, all for an incredible price, then the XMAX Ace is what you need - with vapour clouds in size and quality similar to that of a Crafty Plus.

Whether you’re looking for something in between, a device which is an all-rounder, portable and still able to pack the massive punch you need from a dry herb vaporizer, then look no further than the XMAX Starry V3 - the most popular device from TopGreen - and for good reason!

Or If you’re interested in vaping concentrate and having as much control over with as much ease of use a portable vaporizer can bring to the table, then the XMAX Qomo should be on your radar. The Qomo fits any style of dabbing and can be used at a cold start.

XMAX Vaporizers IE FAQ 

TopGreen’s XMAX devices are among the most well known and affordable vapes on the market. TopGreen have given a range of devices to cover all the needs specific to vapes - especially with the Ace  and XMAX Starry v3 series of vaporizers, which have raised the bar from each of their predecessors.

  1. What Can XMAX Vapes Be Used With? 

Most XMAX vapes are designed to be used with dry herb, with the exception of the XMAX Qomo which uses concentrates only, but can be used with concentrate inserts for oils and concentrate depending on the model. They all use specialised conduction and convection heating systems which are designed to gradually vaporize the active ingredients inside the dry herb whilst leaving the toxins behind, locked in the plant matter. 

  1. Why do XMAX vaporizers have removable batteries?

Nearly all the XMAX line of portable vapes make use of the removable 18650 battery. These batteries have a massive 2900MaH which will give you a massive 70-80 minutes of continuous use from the XMAX Starry v3 for example. The advantage of this is that you can carry several pre-charged batteries with you at once if you need an extended amount of time without being able to charge, if you went camping for example. 

  1. Can you adjust the temperature of XMAX devices?

TopGreen’s XMAX range specialises in vaping dry herb. And with that in mind, these devices are designed to allow you to get the very most out of your favourite herbal blends. This means you can adjust the temperature of your herb anywhere between 100 °C - 240 °C in the XMAX Starry v3 as an example, which allows you to precisely set the temperature you need to get squeeze every last bit of essence from your herb. 

  1. Does TopGreen Offer a Warranty?

Depending on the model of your XMAX device, you can expect a one to two-year warranty. For example, the XMAX Starry v3  features a 2-year warranty, while the XMAX v2 Pro comes with a 1-year warranty. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a quality vape at a budget price which will keep chugging along years down the road, then the XMAX range of vaporizers are something to consider as they all come with both warranty and kits to clean the devices and keep them running. If you’re new to dry herb vaporizers, then the XMAX range is definitely a great place to start.



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