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Zeus Vaporizers

Zeus Arsenal aren’t one of the world’s most well known vaporizer brands—unless you’re a devotee of the vaping arts, in which case you’re probably familiar with their small-but-splendid line of premium (yet affordably priced) vaporizers.

The German-based brand has made earned a cult following in recent years, thanks to its array of dry herb vaporizers that boast the features of vapes like the Crafty Plus with a price tag that’s much, much lower.

Zeus’ design team has a deep automotive background, and much like a German car, Zeus vaporizers are subtle and understated. They’re not the sleekest or flashiest vapes, and nobody will be nicknaming them the ‘iPhone of vaporizers’ (a relative rarity in today’s age of cookie cutter vapes that all look like they’re intended as high end Apple accessories). However, there’s nothing underwhelming about a Zeus vaporizer’s performance. 

These portable, powerful, long battery-lifed vaporizers are renowned for having some of the best vapour quality in the business, and the Herbalize Store is the perfect place to get your hands on one. Not only do we offer free UK shipping and free returns within 14 days, but we’ll also plant a tree in your honour when you buy a new Zeus. 

Zeus FAQ 

Zeus vaporizers have been reviewed by many of the usual suspects, and there’s a small but thriving online community dedicated to discussing the ins and outs of these budget-friendly devices.

However, if you’re just in the mood for a quick rundown of the most common questions people have about Zeus vapes, here you go: 

1. How do you use Zeus vaporizers?

Most Zeus vaporizers come with a single button, typically located under the mouthpiece, that serves the typical functions like power on/off, adjusting temperature settings, and taking hits. 

2. Do Zeus vaporizers smell?

A session with a Zeus vaporizer won’t smell nearly as much as a traditional smoking session. Vaping on lower temperatures will also result in a less noticeable odour.

Having said that, the smell associated with Zeus vapes (or any vapes for that matter) isn’t exactly undetectable, so proceed with caution. 

3. Are Zeus vaporizers worth it?

Judging from the reviews from both professionals and casual users, the answer seems to be yes—not only do Zeus vapes require a smaller initial investment than many of their competitors, they’re built to last for a long time. Plus, the firmware updates released by the brand at regular intervals help to ensure that your vape won’t be woefully out of date in a few months’ time. 

4. Where can I buy Zeus vaporizers? 

We’re biased, of course, but we’d recommend buying from the Herbalize Store. We’re one of the few online vape shops with an ironclad guarantee of quality (other marketplaces might dabble in counterfeit products for the sake of higher margins, but we’ve been around for years and have no intention of risking our reputation). 

5. What’s the best Zeus vaporizer? 

That’s going to depend in large part on your personal needs and preferences, though it’s worth pointing out that there’s less variance between Zeus models then you’ll see in some other brands. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of Zeus vapes, and which one might be right for you.

What Makes Zeus Stand Out?

Zeus like to tout their brand’s background in automotive design, and whilst nobody will confuse a Zeus vape with an ultra-flashy BMW, that influence can be seen in the ways Zeus blend cutting edge features with rugged, dependable build quality.

Here are a few of the things that make Zeus unique:

1. All Gold Vapor Path

At first glance, coating the entire vapor path in gold seems like the kind of ostentatious superficiality that goes against Zeus’ ethos.

However, on closer inspection it makes a lot of sense: gold is an excellent conductor of heat, and it doesn’t impart a metallic taste on vapor as it passes through.

It’s easy to clean, as well, making this the rare case when adding gold to a vape does more than make it glitter. 

2. Firmware Updates

Zeus vaporizers like the Arc and Arc GT receive regular firmware updates, which can be downloaded by plugging your vaporizer into your computer via USB cable and then navigating to Zeus’ website.

There, you can tweak the temperature profiles and other aspects of the vape’s performance, such as the cooldown cycle and the motion sensor sensitivity.

Whilst many online-enabled vaporizers seem to boast such features mainly for show, the updates available for Zeus vaporizers have a significant impact on performance—meaning you won’t have to replace your vape on an annual basis, which has an obvious appeal. 

3. Motion Sensors and Haptic Feedback

Unlike many vapes that employ a complicated series of control buttons, Zeus vapes are renowned for their simplicity—there’s just a single button in most cases, which can be used to turn on the device, adjust heat settings, and more.

When you’re actually using the device, you’ll find that motion sensors (which turn the device off after a period of inactivity) and haptic feedback units (which vibrate to let you know when the vape is ready to use), have a much bigger impact on your user experience.

If you’re a particularly tactile person, this is the vape feature of your dreams. 

What’s New in Zeus’ Collection?

Like other premium vape brands, Zeus take a ‘quality over quantity’ approach to releasing new models. In fact, their last new one came out in 2018—though as mentioned before, the regular updates to the device’s firmware means this device won’t be obsolete any time soon. Here’s a quick rundown of what you should know about it: 

The Zeus Arc GT is an premium version of the brand’s workhorse Arc vaporizer. Like a special edition sportscar, the Arc GT is packed with high end features like custom preset temperature controls, haptic feedback, and a 3500mAh battery that provides up to 90 minutes of continuous use.

It’s been hailed as a worthy challenger to vape legends like the Storz & Bickel Mighty, but the Arc GT has one major advantage: it costs a lot less.

If you’re looking for a top quality dry herb vaporizer while still being relatively kind to your wallet, this is an excellent option. 

Final Thoughts on Zeus Vaporizers

Zeus have the type of utilitarian, get-the-job-done approach to vaporizers that will appeal to people who value substance over style (there’s a lot to like about Zeus vapes, but they’re not exactly known for their stunning aesthetics).

They’re compact, powerful, and well-made, and few vaporizers are as adept at getting the most out of your dry herb. Much of the brand’s collection is compatible with ‘ArcPods,’ the brand’s single-serving pre-filled dry herb cartridges, in case you’re into more artisanal vape experiences—but in general, Zeus provide a simple and no-frills approach to vaping that will be appreciated for those who just want a high quality device that will stand the test of time. 



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