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Rosin presses are like a peek into the future for all our connoisseurs. Although they are not considered “new” in the market, many people don’t know just how much these high-tech units have to offer. 

Rosin presses are the machinery behind your favourite sticky materials, including dabs, shatter, wax, and other concentrates. By using heat and a lot of pressure, rosin presses are able to extract all of the THC and other “goodies” from dry herb, a.k.a. raw material. That’s what makes them great! By having a rosin press in your home, you can create your own sticky materials from your favourite strains, and make your cannabis experience more unique and personalized.


One of the best parts about rosin presses is that you can have complete control when it comes to the concentrates you use, because you’re the one making them!


Even though rosin presses are beginning to receive more attention and are becoming more popular, finding them is still tricky. This is why we have created this unique collection, made up of some of the best rosin presses on the market. By only working with well-known brands that focus on the experience their users receive from their products, we are able to guarantee the quality of our collection.

With brands such as RosinBomb and Rosin Tech, we are confident that you will find the best of the best in our collection, and that choosing exactly what you need for your experience will be a breeze!

rosinbomb m 60


RosinBomb Rocket Rosin Press - One of the most popular and widely-used units you will find here is the Rocket rosin press, made by the well-known Rosin Bomb. This press is capable of pressing up to 5 grams of your favourite dry herbs at once and is only 10 inches tall. Perfect for rosin beginners and first-time users.

RosinBomb M-50 Rosin Press - The extraordinary RosinBomb Rocket is one of the best rosin presses on the market. It can press 14g of dry herb at a time, and with 5000lbs of pressure and dually heated plates, you get amazing yield and legendary extracts. 

RosinBomb M-60 Rosin Press - The M-60 Rosin Press is the latest of RosinBomb’s luxury press line, and we’re in love with it. It allows you to complete up to 30 15g press cycles per hour, is complete with the latest Diamond Hard heat plate coating, and gives you a quiet, non-stick/no mess experience every single time.

rosinbomb m60


Rosin X Mini Rosin Press - This super small manual press is perfect for those that are looking for a more portable rosin option. This unit is tiny and allows you to take it on the go to press around 0.5 grams of your favourite dry herbs. It works with the users’ own body weight and has great yield -- you’ll love this little unit!

Rosin X Auto Rosin Press - This is Rosin X’s automatic version of the Mini Manual Rosin Press, and we love the technological advancements in this press. It is small, quiet, very efficient, and has a high yield for its size. However, there is scaping and clean-up needed for this, and if you prefer something easier, we’d recommend looking at RosinBomb’s collection!


Rosin Tech Single Ram Rosin Press - The pneumatic Single Ram rosin press by Rosin Tech packs an astounding 8000lbs of pressure, and comes complete with digital temperature and pressure control. It’s easy to use, and produces incredibly tasty and flavourful rosin -- perfect for our connoisseurs!


Oil Black Leaf Rosin Bag Filter Bags (120µm) - These bags are perfect when the rosin press you have requires a pressing bag or leaf. It is 120 microns, and makes for the perfect press every time. They’re non-stick, mess-free, and very easy to use!


Rosin presses are the best way to have complete control over the concentrates you use. They allow you to extract them in the comfort of your own home, using all the strains and types of dry herb a.k.a. raw material! 

They’re easy to use, and they are all mostly quite small, so you easily fit them in the designated ‘extraction space’ you create for them. They’re very safe, all-electric, and they’re all quiet so to not disturb the relaxation of your home while pressing. 

We highly recommend trying a rosin press because you will be able to experiment with all your favourite strains, make all your favourite types of concentrates, and get the exact results you want! Buy one today and find out why we love them so much!



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