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Stundenglass Modül Dok

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Stundenglass Modül Dok
Ordinarie pris €99.00 EUR
Ordinarie pris €0.00 EUR Försäljningspris €99.00 EUR

Meet the Modül Dok

The Modül Dok allows you to convert your Stündenglass Modül into a handheld device, adding versatility with its features such as 3mm borosilicate glass, a 4 hole welded stem percolator, and an anodized aluminum stand.

Experience the incredible transformation with the Modül Dok for your Stündenglass Modül - a handheld marvel that enhances your smoking experience. With its 3mm borosilicate glass, 4 hole welded stem percolator, and stylish anodized aluminum stand, this accessory takes your sessions to the next level! The Dok attaches seamlessly to the Modül via a standard Stündenglass magnetic adapter to create a powerful all-in-one device with robust heating options for concentrates or dry material through interchangeable tanks. It can reach temperature in as little as 15 seconds.

*Note that the Stündenglass Modül is not included.

  • Glass Piece:
    3mm borosilicate glass with magnetic adapter ring
    6” rectangular Dok glass
    2” bent neck mouthpiece
    4 hole welded stem percolator

  • The anodized aluminum stand measures 106x57x128mm and is stable for tabletop use.
  • Base parts can be interchanged for use with custom glass pieces.
  • Magnetic Stündenglass Valve Stem
    Classic Stündenglass valve fitting with o-rings
    Built in resin/claim catch
    Removable silicone plug for easy cleaning
    Fixed set pin for stable connection

  • The 90° USB-C charging cable allows for charging and use simultaneously, with a cutout in the base for easy access to the Modul charging port. It can also be used as a charging dock for the Modul.

Our fist impression

Assembling the Modül Dok is simple and straightforward. The main component, the Modül, is easy to use, with options controlled by a side click wheel on the 2.4-inch screen. Users have the choice of seven color themes and a day or night mode to customize the screen's appearance. The concentrate tank attaches magnetically like the other connections, allowing users to set the temperature and heating timer (ranging from 10 seconds to 1 minute).

The quartz dry herb tank operates at a temperature of 850-900℉, causing combustion rather than vaporization. The device automatically switches to a screen without a temperature dial when the dry herb tank is connected, with the timer adjusting to a range of 10-30 seconds.

After trying both tanks, I found my preferred settings for each. Lower temperatures provide smooth hits with prominent terpene flavor. Higher temperatures deliver intense vapor for those who prefer strong hits. The Modül Dok tank offers a variety of options for users to find their ideal setting.

When using flower, it delivers strong hits without being harsh on the lungs. The longer heat time and hand-held size make it convenient for passing around.

The Modül has a battery life of up to 50 sessions and can fully charge in 2 hours. It also has the capability to charge and be used simultaneously if needed.

How to use the Dok

To get started with the Modül Dok, first ensure that your Stündenglass Modül is fully charged. Next, attach the Modül Dok to the Modül using the magnetic adapter ring. This will create a secure connection between the two components.

Once connected, choose between using the concentrate tank or the dry herb tank based on your preference. The concentrate tank allows for robust heating options for concentrates , while the dry herb tank provides a combustion experience for flower.

Once you have selected your tank of choice, set the temperature and heating timer to your desired settings using the click wheel on the Modül. Wait for the device to reach temperature, which can happen in as little as 15 seconds, then enjoy smooth, flavorful hits with incredible vapor production.

Overall, the Modül Dok is a versatile and innovative accessory that elevates the Stündenglass Modül experience. With its high-quality materials, customizable settings, and ease of use, it is sure to enhance your smoking sessions. Whether you prefer concentrates or flower, the Modül Dok offers a variety of options to suit your needs. Try it out today and experience the incredible transformation for yourself!

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