Volcano Hybrid vs Volcano Classic: A Comparison

Volcano Hybrid vs Volcano Classic: A Comparison


Ah, the battle royale between two of the world’s favourite desktop vaporizers by Storz and Bickel: the Volcano Hybrid and the Volcano Classic. We love comparisons like this because it gives us all the opportunity to get an in-depth view of each vaporizer’s strong points, features, and unique qualities.

In this comparison between the Volcano Hybrid and the Volcano Classic, we’ll go over everything you need to know including main features and specifications, to accessories and vapor quality. Grab a snack, load a bowl, and let’s get into this comparison!

The Volcano Classic | Storz and Bickel

The Volcano Classic was the first vaporizer of its kind, and at the time of its debut (20+ years ago!) it was the first and only of its kind. What’s the best part? It still holds to this day! It’s so durable and so well made that even some original owners still use their first Volcano Classic.

It is a desktop vaporizer that is compatible with dry herbs, uses convection heating to vaporize the herb, and has an array of unique features to its name. We personally love the Classic, as it paved the way for so many vaporizers we love today, and it remains one of the best. Kudos to Storz and Bickel!

The Volcano Hybrid | Storz and Bickel

The Volcano Hybrid is the most recent vaporizer in the Volcano collection by Storz and Bickel. With a booming debut in June 2019, it has since been gaining a lot of popularity and attention, and people are loving the improvements.

It is the most technologically advanced Volcano vaporizer, and therefore is complete with all the latest features such as a digital screen, hybrid heating (hence its name), and really quick balloon fill-up time. We like it and so do the people in the vaping community!

Volcano Hybrid vs Volcano Classic: The Basics

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer USA

Let´s find out which one suit your needs best?

Volcano Classic vaporizer USA




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Dry Herb and Concentrates

Compatible With

Dry Herb and Concentrates

Approx. 1 - 2 Minutes

Heat-up Time

Approx. 3 Minutes

Manual Adjustments

and via Mobile App or Web App

Temperature Settings/Manual adjustment?

Manual Adjustments

Hybrid Heating

(convection and conduction)

Heating Element


Not Required, but Recommended.
Only available for Android or via the Web.

App Required?

No, and not Available

Stainless Steel

Oven Material

Steel-Clad Ceramic


Oven Capacity?








3 Years


3 Years

Wimp and Balloon

Delivery Type



Vapor Smoothness






Odour Level



Country of Origin


Look and Feel / Build Quality

The thing about the Volcano Collection is that they all have the same look, as they are all different versions of the same vaporizer. Both the Classic and the Hybrid vaporizers are shaped like a rounded cone and are the same iconic silver colour.

The main difference between the Classic and the Hybrid is that the Hybrid is complete with a beautiful digital display and smooth buttons; and the Classic has one simple dial centre/front of the unit. The design of the Classic definitely dates it, but it still looks pretty cool in our books!

Heating Method

The Hybrid is complete with a hybrid heating system, which combines both the conduction heating method (heating upon contact with the dry herb) and the convection heating method (vaporizing through very hot air - like an oven). This allows even vaporization of dry herb every time, and adds a lot of flavour to the vape clouds.

The Classic boasts a powerful convection heating system that blasts the material within the oven with hot air, and so instantly vaporizes all the goodies. Many argue that convection makes for much tastier vapor, and in this case we have to agree!

Temperature Range and Controls

The Classic vape has a temperature range of 130 - 230°C (266 - 446°F) and has precise temperature controls via the dial at the front of the unit. Some argue that this control style is outdated, but it works just the same!

Volcano Hybrid vs Volcano Classic

The Hybrid vape has a temperature range of 40 - 230°C (104 - 446°F) and has precise temperature controls using the up/down buttons on the front display and using the Storz and Bickel Hybrid Mobile App or the new Web App.

Accessory Compatibility

The best part about using either of the Volcano vaporizers is that you can use them with a range of fun accessories. The best part? Most of the Volcano accessories can be shared between all of the vaporizers in the range!

These include Easy Valve Balloons, tubes and whips, grinder/loading pieces, chamber fillers, cleaning essentials, and much more. They are all made with the same attention to detail as the vaporizers and make vaping with the Volcano vapes a unique and highly enjoyable experience.

Vapor Quality and Taste

When it comes to vapor quality, both the Volcano Hybrid and the Volcano Classic are kings amongst the vapes. They both offer incredibly tasty vapor and huge, satisfying clouds, and the overall potency is super prominent.

We all know how essential vapor quality is when choosing a vaporizer -- that’s what they’re for! With this in mind, this is one of the most important parts of this comparison to many. So let’s get to it!

We will say that thanks to its hybrid heating system, the Hybrid vape offers much denser clouds that can sometimes be much tastier than the vapor from the Classic. However, we can’t forget that the Classic has always been one of the top vaporizers when it comes to vapor quality, so it’s a close race.

Pros and Cons

Pros ✓



Hybrid Heating

Powerful Convection

Digital Display

Reliable and Long-Lasting

Fast Heat-Up Time

Great Value

App Compatibility

Easy to Use

Cons ✗



A Bit Heavy

Large and Bulky

Not Portable

Not Portable / No app

Which is Better For Whom?

For those who are looking for an advanced vaporizer that they can use with large groups of friends, and control via a mobile app, the Volcano Hybrid is for you. It offers the latest technology, the best display and temperature controls, and is simply one of the best desktop vaporizers on the market - you have our word!

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