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  • Puffco New Peak Pro Flourish Limited Edition
    -€50.00 EUR

    Puffco New Peak Pro

    7 total reviews

    Regular price From €419.00 EUR
    Regular price €469.00 EUR -€50.00 EUR Sale price From €419.00 EUR
  • Dr dabber Boost EVO UK
    -€90.00 EUR

    Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

    7 total reviews

    Regular price From €299.00 EUR
    Regular price €389.00 EUR -€90.00 EUR Sale price From €299.00 EUR
  • Volcano Hybrid Onyx ireland
    -€120.60 EUR

    Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

    63 total reviews

    Regular price €478.40 EUR
    Regular price €599.00 EUR -€120.60 EUR Sale price €478.40 EUR
  • Dr Dabber Switch Black
    -€56.00 EUR

    Dr. Dabber Switch

    12 total reviews

    Regular price From €399.00 EUR
    Regular price €455.00 EUR -€56.00 EUR Sale price From €399.00 EUR
  • Volcano Vaporizer ireland  new colour
    -€70.00 EUR

    Volcano Classic Vaporizer

    46 total reviews

    Regular price €319.00 EUR
    Regular price €389.00 EUR -€70.00 EUR Sale price €319.00 EUR
  • The Herbalizer Ireland
    Sold out

    The Herbalizer

    Regular price €736.77 EUR
    Regular price Sale price €736.77 EUR
  • Puffco Peak Vaporizer Ireland
    Sold out

    Puffco Peak

    Regular price €461.25 EUR
    Regular price €455.00 EUR Sale price €461.25 EUR
  • Venty Vaporizer

    Venty Vaporizer

    Regular price €448.00 EUR
    Regular price Sale price €448.00 EUR
  • Arizer Solo 3 Vaporizer

    Arizer Solo 3

    Regular price €339.00 EUR
    Regular price Sale price €339.00 EUR
  • Mighty Plus Vaporizer plus 2021
    -€60.00 EUR

    Mighty Plus

    51 total reviews

    Regular price €339.00 EUR
    Regular price €399.00 EUR -€60.00 EUR Sale price €339.00 EUR

Our Collection of Vaporizer Over 300

Here at Herbalize Store, we are proud to offer one of the most varied assortments of vaporizers on the market and in our collections of well-known, high quality vaporizers, we offer units that vary in design, style, functionality and prices, making it easier for you to choose the perfect unit based on your preferences and requirements. We have devoted our time to making the process of finding the ideal vape unit easier than ever, so you can have a stress-free vape journey.

In a world of ‘expensive’ vaporizers, only those that appreciate quality can fully understand why products are set at their given prices. When a vaporizer is placed on the market for a price over 300, it is not only due to their popularity or level of recommendation from users, but the incredible functions they offer; the quality of their build and the attention to detail that is placed in each part of their smart, high-tech design. They’re ‘the whole package’.

Before you freak out about the pricetag on some of the vaporizer in this collection, take a look at what they offer and get to know why they are placed at their given prices. You will most probably come to find that their prices are actually much lower than they should be, given their incredible overall quality and the vape experience they offer. We are more than confident that if you choose one of these vaporizers, you will not regret your purchase, for you will be able to experience quality like never before.

Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic

The Volcano vaporizer is a versatile unit that allows you to enjoy the cleanest, most potent vapor from your favorite dry herb, oil or wax. It is one of the most unique desktop vaporizers on the market due to the fact that it produces large clouds of vapor and delivers it by a high-tech balloon system. Once these balloons are filled, you can store your vapor up to 8 hours and it will remain fresh and delicious until your next vape sesh.

 The Volcano Classic has a design that is truly iconic. It not only looks like a stylish tool from space on your dining table, but is crafted from high quality, sturdy materials. Its Vaporization System is made from the highest quality of food-safe materials, allowing you to feel completely safe and satisfied. The Volcano Classic offers the highest quality of vapor on the market thanks to its convection heating system and allows you to enjoy your vape sessions like never before.

 This unit is versatile, it boasts easy to understand features, temperatures and controls and offers a vape experience like no other. Thanks to its smart balloon system, you can now store vapor for hours and easily share with friends and session buddies. We truly believe that the Volcano Classic is one of the most unique vaporizers on the market and that you will never want another unit once you set your eyes on this beauty.


The Herbalizer

The Herbalizer is considered one of the most versatile desktop vaporizers on the market today. This incredible unit allows you to enjoy high quality vapor with whip-draw inhalation method, balloon bag systems and with a steamroller attachment. The options don’t end here however. The Herbalize also allows you to receive the benefits of herbal remedies and essential oils with its classic aromatherapy mode. Due to the fact that the unit has no risk of combustion, you can use the Herbalizer in any of these functions without the fear of it wasting your materials.

 The versatility of this unit is simply incredible, for it is not limited only to the ways you can receive its delicious, high quality vapor. You can also enjoy not only dry herb with this unit, but also your favorite e-juices, waxes, concentrates and oils. If you have been searching for a unit that will always allow you to try new things, this incredible Herbalizer vaporizer is definitely for you.  

No matter if you choose to use the balloon system, the integrated medical-grade silicone whip or the Glass Steamroller (sold-seperately), you will find that you will be receiving quality vapor that can not be compared with other options on the market. We believe that the attention to detail. the time and the heart that was necessary to create such an incredible vaporizer was worth it, for now we have a unit that allows us to live out all of our vape fantasies.



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