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Arizer Accessories

Established in 2005, Arizer has been a leader in the vape industry for over a decade. They continue to dominate the vape market with innovative technology and design. Their range is full of high quality, award winning vaporizers including the Solo 2 and Air Max. Despite a large number of competitors, they have managed to remain a favorite for many— including us.

Herbalize is the best place to find the best Arizer parts and accessories. We guarantee high quality, free shipping within the UK, and a broad selection of fantastic products. 

Arizer Parts and Accessories

Arizer has a fantastic range of accessories and replacement parts that can allow you to get the very most out of your device and augment your vape experience. 

  • Whip for Arizer Extreme Q: This kit features a glass adapter and 3ft whip that allows you to enjoy a great desktop vape experience from an Extreme Q from the comfort of your couch. 
  • Arizer ARGO Battery: High quality, high power, long-life Lithium-ion battery, made specifically for use with the Arizer ARGO. This can allow you to extend your vape experience when you’re far from a charging point. 
  • Arizer Stir Tool: This tool is designed for use with the Extreme Q and V-Tower. It allows you to shift and stir the dry herb in your vape’s heating chamber, increasing the surface area and improving your vape experience. 



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