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  • Boundless CFX Plus Vaporizer UK
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    Boundless CFX Plus

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  • Boundless Vexil Colors
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    Boundless Vexil

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  • Boundless CFX Vaporizer Ireland
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    Boundless CFX

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  • Boundless Tera Vaporizer UK
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    Boundless Tera Vaporizer

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  • Boundless CFC 2.0 Vaporizer

    Boundless CFC 2.0

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  • Buy Boundless CF Vaporizer
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    Boundless CF

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  • Boundless CF 710 black
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    Boundless CF-710

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  • Boundless CFC Lite Vaporizer

    Boundless CFC Lite

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  • boundless cfv red
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    Boundless CFV

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  • Boundless Terp Pen Black
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    Boundless Terp Pen

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  • Boundless Dv8 vaporizer by BMIC

    Boundless DV8 From BMIC

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Boundless Vaporizers

Established in 2016, Boundless Technology is one of the mainstays of the vaporizer industry. They founded and built their company with one goal in mind: to provide high quality vaporizers that produce dense, potent vapor. Founded in the US, they quickly grew and became an international brand.

With a broad range of portable vaporizers including the potent CF, and the compact CFC, Boundless have something for everyone at a reasonable price. Today, hundreds of vape beginners and veterans alike across the world have at least one Boundless vaporizer in their collection.

Boundless FAQ

Boundless are one of the biggest names on the vape market. They have a large, and constantly expanding range of high quality vapes. If you've checked out the vape scene at all, you've no doubt come across a Boundless vaporizer. Here's a quick FAQ that can help you understand why.

1. What Is The Best Boundless Vaporizer?

Boundless' range of fantastic dry herb vaporizers have something for everyone. Which is the "best" is simply a matter of preference. For those who like a lot of control, there's the CFX and for those who value portability and conduction heating the CFC Lite is a must have.

2. What Boundless Vape Accessories are Available?

Boundless offer a huge range of aftermarket accessories that can extend the life of their vaporizers or totally transform the vape experience they offer. Replacement batteries for the Tera can ensure that users can swap them once the battery life turns bad. The Boundless Water Pipe Adapter can totally transform your vape experience, allowing you to enjoy potent flavor, water-cooled vapor.

3. What Material do Boundless Vaporizers Work With?

Boundless vaporizers are overwhelmingly specialised in vaping dry herb. The entire CF range is perfect for getting potent and dense vapor from your favourite herbal blends. However, Boundless has increasingly moved towards concentrate vaping, with the Boundless Terp Pens. The Boundless CFX is also capable of vaping concentrate thanks to a special chamber insert.

4. How Do You Use Boundless Vaporizers?

Boundless commit to user-friendly controls around their entire range of vaporizers. The majority of their currently available vapes are variations on the CF model. These features a simple three button control system and a clear LCD display that makes operation clear and precise.

5. Do Boundless Offer A Warranty?

Boundless guarantees a limited manufacturer warranty for all of their products.. The warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. This warranty lasts for 3 years for the vast majority of their vaporizer units.

What Makes Boundless Stand Out?

Boundless Tech have become one of the cornerstones of the herbal vaporizer market thanks to their efficient, straightforward vapes that are sold at an affordable price. Boundless reaches out to their community so they can find the must have features for their vaporizers, and it shows. Their premium vapes usually include components made of stainless steel, quartz or ceramics.

1. High Quality at an Affordable price.

Boundless' mission is to build high quality vaporizers that are available at affordable prices. Back when Boundless entered the vape scene, many vaporizers were a luxury product that were beyond the means of many. They changed all that, and played a big part in opening up the vape market to everyone.

2. Portable Perfection

Boundless specialise in portable vaporizers because they have proved to be the most accessible type of vaporizer. Boundless design their vapes with powerful batteries, reliable heating systems, complete temperature control, and compact ergonomic designs.

3. Decarboxylation Technology

Decarboxylation is the process in which time and heat are applied to dry herb in order to remove a carboxyl group and purge any carbon dioxide present in the chamber.
Allowing your herb to bake at a low temperature for an extended period of time helps your herb to activate its present cannabinoids. Boundless Tech vapes are designed to take full advantage of this process.

Boundless Vape Recommendations

Boundless have a range of vaporizers that are ideal for any skill level. From beginners to long time session fans, Boundless have the perfect device.

Beginners: The Boundless CFC Lite is a compact and powerful vaporizer that is ideal for beginners. Its rapid heat up time and ultra portable design are great for newcomers, and its price is ideal for those who are operating on a budget.

Casual Users: The Boundless Tera is an evolution of the CF, it offers tasty vapor, precision temperature controls, and an easy to use digital display screen. It features full convection heating, session timer and have a replaceable battery.

Advanced Vapers: The Boundless CFX Plus is perfect for advanced users who want to get the very most out of their dry herb. It offers all of the fantastic power of a boundless vaporizer. It also features a bright and striking screen that allows users to precisely and accurately adjust the vape's temperature settings. This portable vapes is a excellent choice for consumers looking for huge clouds.

What’s New in Boundless' Collection?

Since their founding, Boundless have raised the bar with every new release. As such a key part of the vape industry, each Boundless release is truly an event to pay attention to.

The Boundless CFX Plus is a new version of the already famous CFX line of vap us is another new addition to the Boundless family. Its discreet black form is small enough to fit in your jacket pocket, all the while it contains all the power that can be expected from a Boundless vape. Its ceramic oven and three setting heating system mean that you can enjoy a great vape experience, no matter where you are.

Another exciting addition to the Boundless collection is the Boundless Vexil. This sleek and stylish vaporizer features a unique design, with a customizable temp that allows users to personalize their vaping experience. The Vexil also includes advanced features such as precise temperature control, quick heating time, and a long-lasting battery.

Final Thoughts on Boundless Vaporizers

Boundless have built their success on the efficiency of their vaporizers and the affordable prices they sell them at. This makes any of their products perfect for the first time vaper. They also have a lot to offer the most seasoned of vape fans (though if you've been in the scene for that long, you no doubt have a Boundless vape lying around somewhere)

Regardless of your experience, a Boundless vape is one of the most sensible vape investments you can make.



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