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DaVinci IQ Accessories

The Davinci IQ already offers a super dynamic vaping experience - but accessories always make it that much more versatile. In this collection you can see what Davinci has to offer for their IQ vaporizer, from water tool adapters to extra batteries, they have it all and more. 

Pearl IQ

The Pearl IQ is a space-reducer made to work in unison with the conduction heating of the IQ unit. It reduced the chamber space, allowing you to vape smaller amounts of herb, and heats the product evenly everytime. Highly recommended for those personal sessions!

Water Tool Adapter

Let’s face it, sometimes, vaping is just funnier with a water tool. That’s why Davinci has a special 18mm water tool adapter made from high quality glass designed specially for the Davinci IQ!

You can connect this watertool adapter to any 18mm water tool, and enjoy cool and tasty vapour, while also switching it up a bit from your usual vaping routines… We highly recommend trying it out!

Flavour Chamber

The Davinci IQ is recognized all across the vaping community for its tasty vapour, and it’s all thanks to the flavour chamber accessory. The flavour chamber can be inserted into the vape unit to enhance flavour and aroma, and to boost your overall experience with your vape. 

It’s made from the highest quality zirconia ceramic material - which is arguably the best material for a vape chamber -  and is made to fit your IQ to perfection. Try it and see just how great your vapour tastes. You’ll never go back to normal vaping again!


One of the IQ’s most-loved features (apart from its innovative vape paths and precise temperature controls) is its removable battery feature. Whether you need one to replace an old battery, or you want to have 2 batteries to switch between, these are exactly what you need.

The batteries are small 18650 batteries with 3500mAh capacity,  made specifically for the IQ unit, They are compatible with any 18650 chargers, and are super durable. We highly recommend getting at least one extra battery for an improved experience with your IQ.

Cleaning Brush

The cleaning brush is an essential part of your Davinci IQ vaping kit, and should not be forgotten. You definitely need one of these on-hand at all times!

Made from high-quality metal, and dynamic bristle design, you can keep your unit super clean, and your vaping experience amazing all the time. 

Glass Spacers

These glass spacers are made to take up 50% of the chamber space in your Davinci IQ unit, in order to only vape half-bowls. They also come in 6mm and 10mm measurements for you to choose from.

They’re made from high-quality food-grade glass, are resistant to cracking, and are made to perfectly fit into the IQ chamber. We highly recommend trying these to save product and to avoid burnt-tasting clouds in the long-run.



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