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Grenco Science Accessories

Grenco Science produces simple, easy to use vaporizers that offer great vaping experiences whether you’re a beginner or a vaping veteran. They have a number of widely loved vaporizers including the G Pen Elite and G Pen Pro portable vaporizers.

They support these great vaporizers with a range of high-quality replacement parts and accessories that allow users to totally transform their vape experience.

Herbalize is the best place to find the best Grenco Science parts and accessories. We guarantee high quality and a broad selection of fantastic products.

Best Grenco Parts and Accessories

Grenco Science parts and accessories are the best way to ensure you get a long life out of your G Pen vaporizer. 

  • G Pen Battery: This battery allows you to extend the range of your G Pen vaporizer by offering a fully charged spare to replace a spent battery. 
  • G Pen Pro Replacement Mouthpiece: This replacement G Pen Pro mouthpiece allows you to continue enjoying your great portable vape experience should the original break.



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