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Haze Vaporizers Collection

Haze vaporizers are well known in the vape community and have been since Haze Technologies was founded in 2013. The Haze team took their precious time to design their vaporizers so they could deliver exactly what customers needed. For 4 years, Haze Technologies analyzed the market to find exactly what consumers liked and disliked, what they needed, what they dreamed of and what they expected out of a quality vaporizer.

The attention to detail an precious time the Haze team took to design and craft their units was not in vain however, for now their vaporizers are considered the safest, most high quality options on the vape market today. Haze Technologies is one of the few manufacturers that offer a 10 year warranty on their units, meaning that they are more than confident that you will be receiving only quality and will enjoy your vaping experience as much as possible.

 Haze vaporizers are not like anything you find on the market today, for they boasts high quality technology and designs that make them more then unique. Haze offers the first dual chamber vaporizer on the market that allows users to enjoy any and all types of vape materials without the slightest trouble. Wth their units, you can enjoy concentrates, liquids, oils and dry herbs, all in one well-made unit! Haze vaporizers are by far the best option on the market today.

 Haze Technologies, unlike its competitors, only offers a small number of units as opposed to a large variety of options. We believe however that for Haze Technologies, a wide variety of units is not necessary. The units they offer now have already taken the vape community by storm and have received countless satisfactory reviews from users. We strongly believe that if you choose a Haze vaporizer, you will never feel unsatisfied.

Haze Square Pro

The Haze Square Pro is truly the definition of a high quality portable vaporizer. It was designed to fulfill all the needs of its users and offer an increible, versatile vaporizing experience like no other. The Square Pro was not only designed to make you feel like a vape master but was crafted with the smallest details in mind to ensure satisfaction, flawless functionality and quality always.

Haze Square Vs Haze Dual

 Quality Quad Chambers

The Square Pro is the first vaporizer to feature 4 rotating quad chambers. With these high quality heating chambers, users can easily switch between wax, dry herb, concentrates and oils and enjoy a versatile vaping experience. With this amazing quad chambers, you are also able to pre pack your favorite material and take your unit on the go.

 Haze Technologies put a lot of effort in designing their quad chambers, so that each could deliver the perfect vapor depending on the materials used. The Square Pro has a removable tray system that allows you to customize the pod's placement and order. The trays vary slightly, to use dry herb for example, you place it into the material pods and for concentrates or oils, the stainless-steel mesh allows you to enjoy your material to the fullest extent.


This unit is categorized a fully portable vaporizer due to its high quality build and its smaller size. Although the Square Pro does not exactly fit perfectly in to a pocket, it can be easily packed in a purse or backpack and enjoyed on the go. The Square Pro, as mentioned above, can also be pre packed, making it easier to enjoy out and about without having to worry about making a mess of your materials.

Temperature Settings

The Square Pro boasts an on-demand heating feature, meaning you can freely adjust the temperature of your unit at any time. With the Haze Square Pro App, you can even customize the LED color with session history so you can keep your favorite temperatures saved and use them easily. Unlike other vaporizers on the market, the Square Pro has very easy to understand temperature controls and features 3 preset temperatures that can be chosen on the App easily so you can get used to the temps and enjoy it fully from the moment you unbox it.

Overall Quality

Haze Technologies created a unit that is the definition of a well-made vaporizer. In every aspect, the Square Pro can be called ‘high quality’. It offers flawless functionality, ease of use and long-lasting performance that can not be compared with its competition. From the moment you unbox this amazing unit, you will be able to enjoy the best tasting vape and experience a versatile vape experience that will always leave you satisfied.

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Haze Dual V3

The Haze Dual V3 is one of Haze Technologies most popular and widely-used units. This premium portable vaporizer took the vape community by storm when it was first on the market. With its quality design and high-tech features, this unit leaves you breathless by only looking at it. The Dual V3 is the first dual chamber vaporizer on the market. Its quality dual chamber allows you to enjoy all types of vaping materials: including oils, liquids, concentrates and dry herb. With the Haze V3, you can finally experience the quality you deserve.  

Quality Functions and Build

The Haze V3 features specialized cans for concentrates and dry herbs, ensuring that no matter what type of material you choose, you will get the best quality and the best taste possible. The Dual V3 even allows you to switch from convection to conduction heating, giving you the chance to choose the perfect setting based on the material you are using for ultimate enjoyment.

 The Dual V3 has a high quality body that simply adds to the overall vape experience. It features a unique redesigned mouthpiece that allows for easy-access, high quality housing materials and exterior alcohol (ISO) resistant materials. The Dual V3 also has an advanced and improved temperature regulator that eliminates altitude, humidity, air pressure and external temperature issues. With the high quality Dual V3, you can enjoy your vaporizer far in to the future and always experience quality.  

 This unit can be easily packed in ‘travel mode’ and taken on the go wherever you please. Its sturdy mouthpiece is actually stored inside of the unit itself, meaning that even if you dropped the unit, there is a very small chance of it getting damaged. With its relatively small size, discreet design and quality build, the Dual V3 is by far one of the best options on the market today for portable vaporizers.

Battery Life & Heat Up Time

For a portable vaporizers, battery life has to be great for it be considered ‘worth it’. Haze Technologies made a point of making a high quality battery to fit the rest of this amazing unit and they pulled it off. The Haze V3 comes with 2 powerful batteries that are completely removable and each last up to 1 hour of continual vaping goodness. These great batteries fully charge in only a couple of hours, making this unit even more recommendable for they allow you to enjoy your vape for long periods of time.

 The V3 also has an incredibly fast heat up time of 90 seconds on each ‘setting’. No matter what material you are using, this unit will heat it evenly and efficiently in record time so you can enjoy it without having to wait. When compared to its competition, the Haze V3 really wins the prize when it comes to its fast heat up time and long-lasting removable batteries. 

Overall Quality

The quality of this unit is mindblowing, from its long-lasting battery, its dual chamber that allows you to enjoy a versatile vape experience, its versatility and discreteness; it’s all great. The Dual V3 was specifically designed to fulfill all your vape related needs and we believe that from the moment you unbox it, you will fall in love.

Haze Technologies Offers Only Quality

 A large number of poeple from the vape community have already chosen Haze vaporizers as their favorite. Are you ready to be as satisfied and happy as they are? With a Haze vaporizer, there is no doubt that you feel only that, satisfied and happy. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the thousands of positive reviews from users and you will find that the vaporizers Haze Technologies took so long to design are by far the best options on the market.

 Haze Technologies like to make consumers feel even more secure and confident with the 10 year warranty they offer on their high quality, cutting-edge units. They are more than confident that you are gonna simply love their vaporizers and that you will be able to enjoy them far in to the future without any problems. If you are ready to experience what a real vaporizer is like, get yourself a Haze vaporizer and experience real quality, you deserve it.



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