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Healthy Rips Vaporizers

Healthy Rips are health-conscious company that are dedicated to developing safe, high-quality vaporizers at an affordable price. They know that heat extraction is a healthier alternative to combustion when it comes to enjoying dry herb. With this in mind, they have made it their mission to pioneer a range of products that help their users improve their physical, mental, and emotional health. 

Healthy Rips FAQ 

Healthy Rips are a unique company with a unique focus in the vape industry. They are one of the first wholly health focused brands to hit the vape scene. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about Healthy Vapes. 

1. Where are Healthy Rips Based? 

Healthy Rips are based in the vaporizer capital of the USA, California. Some of the best vape companies in the world are based here, making it the perfect home for Healthy Rips. 

2. How Do Healthy Rips Work?

Healthy Rips are dedicated to offering their customers a healthy alternative, to do this they use high-quality vaporizer heating systems to deliver powerful and tasty vapour. The hits created by this heating system are incredibly healthy and smooth, leaving all the toxins and carcinogens behind in the plant matter. 

3. What Materials do Healthy Rips Vaporizers Work With?

All Healthy Rips vaporizers are designed for use with dry herb. They use advanced convection heating to gradually draw the active ingredients out of herb and into a tasty vapour. 

4. What Makes Healthy Rips Affordable?

Healthy Rips offer premium quality performance at a budget price. They do this by manufacturing their own devices, cutting down on the cost of their production. This means they can retail at a lower price with no compromises. 

5. Do Healthy Rips Vaporizers Come With A Warranty?

Healthy Rips offer a generous free replacement warranty that lasts one year. On top of this, they offer a lifetime half-price replacement warranty. 

What Makes Healthy Rips Stand Out?

Healthy Rips are a distinctive vape company thanks to their special focus on health and wellness. While other brands may have a identity, few have a philosophy as realised as this, and even fewer can demonstrate it in the very design of their product.s 

1. Focus on Health

Lifestyle is one of Healthy Rip's main focuses. They want to ensure that their users are enriched when they enjoy a vape experience. Their vaporizers are designed to offer superior vaporisation that allows users to enjoy all the benefits of dry herb without any of the toxins associated with combustion. 

2. Focus on Quality 

Healthy Rips have a three part attitude to their vape experiences. They want to ensure that users can enjoy the full flavour of their dry herb with every hit. They want to guarantee that users will get the very most out of their herb, letting none go to waste, and finally, they want to ensure that they can get their desired effects out of their vape experience. 

3. Reasonable Price

Healthy Rips design and build all of their own products. This allows them to cut out the middleman and pass the savings onto their customers. They carefully assessed the average price of all of their competitor's vapes and made it their mission to beat it.

What’s New in Healthy Rip's Collection?

As they build their reputation, Healthy Rips is constantly growing and innovating new and constantly improving vaporizers. 

The Fury 2 is an iteration and improvement on the Fury. This dry herb vaporizer offers healthy vape experiences, potent hits, all at a budget-friendly price. 

Final Thoughts on Healthy Rips Vaporizers

Healthy Rips are the ideal brand for medicinal users and those who want to ensure that they can enjoy the most healthy possible dry herb experience. Of course, beginners and the more thrifty vapers out there will find that Healthy Rips have a lot of offer, with fantastic quality at an incredibly affordable price.

Regardless of your level or experience or how health conscious you are, Healthy Rips are proving to be an interesting and impressive vape company that offer incredible devices and a great philosophy. 



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