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Higher Standard Accessories

Higher Standards embody what it means to produce high quality bongs and waterpipes. Their equipment is among the best of the best, and is made for true connoisseurs, who want to get the most out of every experience.

Their hand-blown glass pieces are not the only things they offer. They also offer Higher Standards accessories and cleaning supplies which are made with the same meticulous designing and creation skills as their main pieces.

Herbalize is the best place to find the best Higher Standard cleaning supplies and accessories. We guarantee high quality, free shipping within the UK, and a broad selection of fantastic products.

Best Higher Standard Parts and Accessories

Maintaining high quality glass bongs takes a little skill and some high quality cleaning supplies, thankfully Higher Standards have their own range of fantastic maintenance accessories. 

  • Higher Standards Dot Wipes: These wipes are specifically engineered to effectively clean high quality glass. They are each individually wrapped and contain 70% ISO alcohol solution, perfect for wiping away built up grime. 



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