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Sticky Brick could be considered the future of vaporizers—or perhaps their past? In any case, it’s worth paying attention to this U.S. based brand, because they’re definitely doing something different.

Whilst other brands are rushing to connect their vaporizers to apps and add LEDs to every centimetre of surface area, Sticky Brick is going back to the basics.

Specifically, Sticky Brick is going back to wood-based bodies and electronic-free heating systems. Both of these are outliers in the vaping world, but people seem to like what Sticky Brick is selling: the brand has been around since 2016, and they’re only getting bigger these days.

Here at the Herbalize Store, we carry the most popular Sticky Brick vaporizers. These handmade, ‘organic’ vapes were a natural item to carry in the world’s most sustainable vape shop—each time you buy a Sticky Brick from the Herbalize Store, we’ll plant a tree in your name. We’ll also give you free shipping and free returns within 14 days, just in case you were still on the fence. 

Whether you’re curious to see if Sticky Bricks are right for you—or if you’ve already got your heart set on one, and just want to pick the perfect model—you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about finding the perfect Sticky Brick vape. 

Sticky Brick FAQ 

Our team at the Herbalize Store love talking about vapes, especially when they’re weird ones like the Sticky Bricks. And like you might expect, people tend to have a lot of questions when it comes to these devices.

Here are a handful of the most common things people ask us about these unusual vapes: 

1. How do Sticky Bricks work?

Unlike standard vaporizers, Sticky Bricks use an external heat source (ideally, a butane torch, though regular lighters can suffice in a pinch) to heat the material within to extremely high temperatures.

Aside from that, they function much like regular vapes: dry herb is placed in an oven chamber, heat is applied, vapour is generated and then inhaled through a special air path, and voila. 

2. What can you vape with Sticky Bricks?

Sticky Bricks are best used with dry herb—trying to clean up concentrate residue in the oven chamber can be a royal pain.

However, the brand has recently released concentrate inserts that address this problem, so you can now use Sticky Bricks with materials like wax, shatter, or resin.

3. Are Sticky Bricks safe?

Butane torches can pose risks of burns when used improperly, but if you use the Sticky Brick as intended, there’s no significant safety hazard.

It’s a good idea to keep your torch out of reach of children, and to prevent it from overheating, but aside from that there are no special steps you need to take in order to use Sticky Bricks safely. 

4. How do you clean Sticky Bricks?

Using a small brush or a pipe cleaner, remove any debris from the inside of your Sticky Brick (paying special attention to the oven chamber and airway).

Then, wipe down the innards with a cotton swab and some warm water, or isopropyl alcohol for really stubborn remnants. If you do this every few weeks, your Sticky Brick will stay in tip top shape for years. 

5. What’s the best Sticky Brick vaporizer? 

That depends on you: the ‘best’ Sticky Brick is the one that meets your personal needs, preferences, and budget.

We know that’s a bit evasive of an answer—but keep reading, because in just a moment we’ll run through the Sticky Brick vapes that are best suited to various vapers’ profiles. 

What Makes Sticky Brick Stand Out?

If you put a Sticky Brick vape in a lineup of twenty competitors, you’d be able to pick it out in a second—these are in the running for ‘Most Distinctive-Looking Vape in the Universe,’ at least in our opinion. But it’s not just the pure novelty factor that attracts people to Sticky Bricks. Here are a few of the reasons these weird little devices have acquired a cult following:

1. Handmade Wood Design

Unlike most vapes, Sticky Brick vaporizers are made by hand in the U.S. That means when you open the box, you get a whiff of forest instead of the familiar ‘Shenzen smell.’

Each Sticky Brick, then, is like an individual work of art, and the handsome wood colours—like oak, maple, and cherry—give the prospective vaper a wide range of options to choose from.

2. Battery-Free Operation 

There are few things more frustrating in life than an uncharged vape. All that herbal goodness waiting for you, but no way to unlock its magic.

With the Sticky Brick, you’ll never need electricity to vape again. So long as you’ve got a flame—preferably from a butane torch—you’ll be able to keep the good times rolling. 

3. Lifetime Warranty

Sticky Brick offer a lifetime warranty on their vape (aside from the glass bits, which are covered for thirty days).

In most cases, you’re lucky to get a year or two of warranty coverage from your vape manufacturer, but Sticky Brick knows their devices were made to last—and they’re willing to put their money where their mouths are. 

Sticky Brick Vape Recommendations

There’s a Sticky Brick for everyone, and here at the Herbalize Store, our experts have custom recommendations for vapers of all backgrounds: 

  • Beginners: The Flip Brick vaporizer is the most affordable vape in the Sticky Brick lineup, and interestingly, it’s also one of the most versatile—you can attach it to your favourite water pipe for some aqua-themed action.
  • Casual Users: You can’t go wrong with a classic, and the Brick Vaporizer is about as classic as it comes. It’s the perfect all-purpose Sticky Brick, one that’s both durable and easy to use (and as a bonus, it’s made from all recycled materials). 
  • Advanced Vapers: The Hydrobrick Maxx lives up to its name, combining all the strong points of the brand’s other devices in one sturdy, elegant portable vaporizer. It even comes with its own storage jar and LED tweezers. What more could you want? 

What’s New in Sticky Brick’s Collection?

The last new Sticky Brick to hit the market came out in 2019, and like most of the brand’s products, it’s a slightly different twist on the same basic theme—a wooden, blocky vaporizer without any fancy electrical circuitry. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect from it: 

The Sticky Brick Junior is compact even by the brand’s lofty standards, with an ultra-thin body that slips easily into a pocket or bag. Once you’re ready to vape, this pint-sized device produces enormous clouds of crisp, refreshing vapour. Like all Sticky Brick vapes, it depends on an external heat source (butane torches are recommended, as always)—and some reviewers think the Junior is the pinnacle of the brand’s battery-free design.

Final Thoughts on Sticky Brick Vaporizers

Sticky Bricks are made for people who really like vaping—and more specifically, like to make an event out of vaping. Although they’re relatively small and lightweight, they’re probably not the devices you want if you plan on popping out of the building for a quick vape between shifts, or if you like taking a puff or two as you stroll down the street.

However, they’re truly unique vapes in a world full of copycats, and if you’re the kind of person who takes delight in the weird and the natural (that wood does feel good in your hand), then Sticky Bricks might make a great addition to your collection.



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