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V Tower Accessories

Keep your V Tower in new condition by replacement your parts after usage.

Whip Kit 

This whip kit is complete with all you need for your vape sessions: a 3ft whip made from the highest quality materials, an elbow adapter for the whip, an inverse screen, a mouthpiece, the unique cyclone bowl, and a glass stirring tool. 

You can use the whip to vape from the V-Tower vape. You’ll love the taste and experience of using a whip set - trust us!

Mini Whip

If you prefer shorter whips, this mini whip is exactly what you’ll want. It measures 3in long, and it comes with a glass adapter and the inverse screen you need to use with this whip. The pro of a shorter whip is that it’s easier to deal with and much simpler when going about your personal vaping sessions.

Tuff Bowl

The Tuff Bowl is made especially for the V-Tower and Extreme Q vaporizers. It is a glass bowl which you can connect to the vaporizer, and use for your sessions. It will give you smooth and tasty vapour all in one small touch. 

This bowl is special because it is made from very high quality glass, and is complete with a silicone protective coating which prevents it from shattering or cracking - it’s practically invincible!

Cyclone Bowl 

The Cyclone Bowl is very similar to the Tuff Bowl, except it is a bit longer, and is not coated with silicone. It is, however, made with thick glass, and is complete with a rubber component on the tip for a perfect and seamless fit.

In addition to the silicone component, it comes with a circular screen, which is made just for the Cyclone Bowl. Give it a try, and tell us which bowl you like most!

Screen Set

A good vaporizer isn’t complete without a high quality of reliable screens. That’s why Arizer created this screen set, which comes with 2 cup screens, and 2 circle screens - 2 for the Tuff Bowl and 2 for the Cyclone Bowl. 

We highly recommend having at least one extra screen for each of your favourite bowls on-hand, because it’s good to change them out after around 8-12 sessions, depending on the type of product you’re using, to keep your vapour clean and tasty. 

Elbow Adapter

This all-glass elbow-type adapter is made for the V-Tower and Extreme Q vaporizers. It is for connecting your whip to the vaporizer... 

It’s made to perfection and always connects perfectly, and gives you smooth and seamless vapour every time. 

Frosted Glass Balloon Mouthpiece

This is a replacement for your frosted glass balloon mouthpiece. The kit includes the mouthpiece and 2 “O” rings, which is everything you need to start vaping as soon as you get your package. 


We know that it’s easy to lose small pieces such as a mouthpiece, and we also understand that glass breaks sometimes no matter how careful we are… But don’t worry, because we have a replacement glass mouthpiece for you in those dire times of need. 



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