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Storz and Bickel Volcano Desktop Collection

Storz & Bickel have established themselves as one of the leading producers of quality vapes, and have solidified themselves as a brand associated with medical-grade quality, immense durability, and absolutely flawless vapour. Storz and Bickel are of course known for producing top notch portable vapes, but they began with creating desktop units the likes of which still rock the world, 20 years later.

The Volcano vaporizer collection of desktop titans consists of the Volcano Classic, the Volcano Digital, and the new Volcano Hybrid. Let’s take a look at everything that makes these vapes so astonishingly perfect!

The Volcano Collection: Easy Valve and Solid Valve Technology

Before we look at each individually, it’s important to point out one of the things that makes these vapes so easy to use, and what makes them so perfect for recreational as well as medical applications, the Easy Valve and Solid Valve System.

The Easy Valve  

The easy valve system makes filling the balloons on these vapes super easy. The Volcano Easy Valve set comes with a ready made balloon unit and also a mouthpiece, and once the old valve is no longer of use you can replace it with a new one.

Simply attach the valve to the unit, turn the forced air on, and the balloon will fill. Then simply detach to close the valve and store the vapour. There’s a small black plastic insert which is what opens the valve in the bag assembly when you push your lips up to it to take your draw. Vapour stored in this way is perfectly portable, disposable, and easy to share.

The Solid Valve  

With the Volcano Solid Valve you can choose your own unique balloon size. This particular version is slightly trickier to use then Easy Valve, but it does offer great value.

The Solid Valve filling chamber is constructed out of a high quality temperature resistant plastic similar to the filling chamber used with the Easy Valve. There’s a stainless steel filling chamber insert, which is what holds down material while the Volcano’s powerful air pump pushes air through the dried herb. The Solid Valve also has the ability of fully customizable bag lengths and a larger, adjustable bowl, so it works for parties and personal sessions without any extra pieces. It’s a slightly more sustainable option and should stand up to years of use and cleaning. T’s built to last!

The Volcano Classic

storz and bickel volcano classic

The Storz and Bickel Volcano Classic hit the desktop vaporizer market in the year 2000, one of the first full-fledged herbal vaporizers to do so. The Classic advanced to become the ‘gold standard’ in terms of desktop vapes, being used in scientific studies as well as for personal use. There’s a lot to be said for a vape that can still knock out much of its competition 20 years down the line, and Storz and Bickel’s Classic does this easily. 

Reliable, with a build quality that can’t be matched, the Classic is a desktop unit that connects right to a power outlet to produce quality vapour that will never let you down. The powerful heating cartridge and effective diaphragm pump are built to withstand years of heavy vaping with ease, and the aluminium heating block ensures that your vapour is always crystal clean and reliably potent. Let’s take a look at some of its spectacular features:

Volcano Classic: Outstanding Features

The Classic was the first of its kind to introduce the concept of the Easy Valve filling technique, making it beyond simple to fill a balloon and save it for whenever it’s needed most. Temperatures on the Classic can be set between 130° and 230°C with a temperature accuracy of  ± 5°C. The Classic is fitted with an independent temperature fuse and also includes an air filter and silencer. All of this combined creates a desktop vape that can extract 3-4 times more of the active properties from your material when compared to smoking.

Along with these, the Classic comes with the following amazing features:

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Quality German Engineering
  • Trusted Name & Proven Design
  • High-Performance Heating Element
  • Compatible With Dry Herbs, Oils and Waxes

With such quality materials, it’s easy to see why this vape is still considered amazing. And, if the Classic isn’t enough, let’s see what the next generation Volcano, the Digit, has to offer:

The Volcano Digit

Similar to the Volcano Classic in terms of appearance, the Volcano Digit is a more modern approach to the trusted Classic with a few excellent upgrades. The Digit was released in 2007 and has remained a big player in the market ever since. Despite being similar in its overall design, the Volcano Digital offers a special LED display that makes accurate temperature reading a lot easier. Having the same metal hull, now instead of switching the knob to adjust inside of the temperature cage is as easy as pressing a button - from turning on, to set your preference, and then using the device.

Volcano Digit: Outstanding Features

The Digital contains a much higher temperature setting than the Classic, which brings more power to the vaporizer as a whole. Much like the Volcano Classic, it comes with a patented easy-valve balloon which is easily removable from any device. And, as with the Volcano classic again, it comes with an unrivalled three-year warranty for any issue that may arise.

  • Large LED display
  • Advanced air temp control system
  • Food-safe aluminium heating block
  • High-performance heating cartridge
  • Temperature range 40°C and 230°C and electronic thermostat
  • 30-minute auto shut off timer
  • 3-year warranty
volcano digital

As you can see, the Digit is very similar to the Classic but with some excellent new features. But, despite the upgrades, the Volcano Classic remains somehow very relevant, and this is why Storz and Bickel truly stand out. The vapour is indistinguishable on both units, both have identical heaters and heat exchangers for tasty, consistent vapour production, and both come with the Easy Valve system that efficiently catches all vapour without the worry of waste. All of this remains the same because there was really no reason to change such perfection in the first place.

So What about the Volcano Hybrid, the newest member of the Volcano family? How does it compare and what makes it stand out?

The Volcano Hybrid

volcano hybrid vaporizer

Released in 2019, the Volcano Hybrid is compatible with dry herbs and concentrates, and is in many other respects similar to the Classic and Digit. However, the Hybrid again has made some very fundamental changes to its design that have made it current, relevant, and even futuristic. So what has the Hybrid improved upon? Well, the Hybrid flaunts improved airflow management, even more rapid heat-up times (due to a redesigned heat exchanger that’s quicker and more efficient) than the original volcano, precise touch display, app control with Bluetooth connectivity, and a brand new, state-of-the-art dual inhalation system so you have the choice between valve balloon or tube. This means that you can fill up vapour in balloons, or use the new tube attachment to access the vapour immediately.

So what’s changed? What’s remained the same?

Volcano Hybrid: Outstanding Features

One of the most innovative features of the Hybrid is its dual nature - users can now choose between whip or balloon for any kind of desktop vape experience they wish to indulge in. The Volcano Hybrid has a redesigned heat exchanger, too, that’s quicker and more efficient than the original. It now heats up in under two minutes, and takes 35 seconds to fill a bag, a much improved time over its older siblings.

Another significant change is that the Hybrid has added conduction heating to the mix, meaning that the heating method is now a combination of conduction and convection. A metal ring on the unit that heats and directly touches the loading chamber. This preheats the material so that the user can vape much more quickly and efficiently. Oh, and the Hybrid comes with new touch-sensitive controls.

Balloon Feature

With the Volcano Hybrid, users get to enjoy vapour by filling balloon-like bags with delicious, perfected vapour. The Volcano Hybrid is delivered with an Easy-Valve Balloon System, just like its older brothers, the Classic and Digit.

Whip Feature 

Not only do users get to enjoy vapour from a balloon system, but also through a tube. They can enjoy big hits with this direct vaping feature for immediate and direct vaping right from the unit itself.

But what else does this vape have to offer?

  • Large digital display with touch buttons
  • Temperature range 40°C and 230°C
  • Fast heating time (40 sec)
  • Highest quality materials
  • Auto shut-off mode via the app
  • Corresponding app for Android (Apple has banned all vaporizer apps as of November 2019 - those who downloaded the app before this time can still use it but cannot download it afresh)
  • Easy Valve balloon system
  • Innovative rotating tube system
  • 3-year warranty
storz and bickel volcano hybrid

Again, Storz and Bickel haven’t intended to replace the Digit or Classic, only improve upon them by listening carefully to customer feedback and building upon a fundamentally solid design. As such, it’s impossible to say that the Hybrid is the only Volcano worth paying attention to - the Classic and Digit still hold their own and will continue to do so!

The Volcano Accessories Collection

The accessories that accompany any of the Volcano vapes are, in true fashion, simple but effective. Let’s take a look:

The Classic and Digit: Accessories

The accessories included with the Volcano and Digit vaporizers are basic, but effective, and made with a quality that makes them truly special:

  • A plastic grinder for the perfect grind
  • A horsehair makeup brush to clean all the parts after use
  • The Easy valve bag system is now standard, and the Solid valve is now optional
  • Dosing capsules - With the Filling Chamber Reducer installed into the Volcano’s easy valve system, these drop right in and hold up to 0.15 grams of dry herbs. They’re perfect for personal use, and they fit all Storz & Bickel vaporizers. There’s an entire spread of dosing capsule accessories that make them easy to load and carry, and even get them working with extracts

The Hybrid: Accessories 

The new Hybrid also comes equipped with the perfect accessories to make any vaping experience the absolute best it can be:

  • Three valve bags that have mouthpieces
  • One valve bag that has an adapter
  • A tube system
  • A filling chamber
  • A cap ring 
  • A concentrate drip pad
  • A detachable power cord
  • An air filter 
  • A grinder 
  • A cleaning brush

The Volcano Range: Separate Accessories

But along with these included accessories, Storz and Bickel also offer some super special, separate accessories to accompany their Volcano Range:

  • Volcano Solid Valve Set - This all-inclusive kit includes everything you could ever possibly need: 
    • 1 pc. Balloon Tube Set 3x3m
    • 1 pc. SOLID VALVE O-Ring Set
    • 1 pc. SOLID VALVE Normal Screen Set
    • 1 pc. Cleaning Brush
  • The Easy Valve Housing Set - Includes filling chamber housing with cap housing
  • Volcano Hybrid Starter Kit - The Starter Set provides you with the most important accessories for the Hybrid:
    • 3 pcs. EASY VALVE Balloon with Mouthpiece
    • 1 pc. EASY VALVE Balloon with Adapter
    • 1 pc. Filling Chamber (including: 1 pc. Cap Ring, 1 pc. Normal Screen Set (approx. Ø 30 mm), 1 pc. Drip Pad (approx. Ø 28 x 4 mm), 1 pc. Cleaning Brush)
    • 1 pc. Tube Kit
  • Volcano Solid Valve Filling Chamber for Liquids - This Liquid Filling Chamber is perfect to use when vaping concentrates, liquids, and wax. This chamber fits both the Volcano Classic and Volcano Digital:
    • 1x Filling Chamber for Liquids
    • 2x Drip Pads

The Volcano range is certainly luxurious in its functionality, and is a force to be reckoned with no matter how easy they are to us, and no matter how old they get. This range is made for the connoisseur not easily satisfied with anything less than heavenly perfection, or the user who needs top notch quality vapour without fail. Their medical-grade components, great delivery options, unreal programming options, durability, and performance that will not be challenged, make the Volcano range the perfect testament of Storz & Bickel’s utter dominance in the vaping world.



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