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Dab rigs have become increasingly popular in recent years and users are claiming that the vaping experience is more enjoyable with these units. However, what are dab rigs and why do people prefer this vaping method? This is exactly what we will be addressing in this collection.

What are Dab Rigs & What is Dabbing?

Due to the popularity of dab rigs, you have most probably heard of the words "dab" and "dabbing"; however, you might not know exactly what they are.

To put it simple, dab rigs are specific types of units that are used to smoke herb concentrates; such as oil, shatter, butane hash oil, CO2 oil and glass. Dab rigs like the Puffco Peak, Dr. Dabber's Glass Series , Jade East are made of glass, where the concentrates or Dry Herb are placed.

To use a dab rig, you heat the nail and then apply the herb concentrates; this will heat the concentrates and produce clouds of vapour that are inhaled through the mouthpiece.

Dabbing is actually considered safer than other methods of consumption due to the fact that users inhale vapour instead of smoke. This is thanks to the convection heating used in dab rigs as opposed to burning the herb or oil directly.

Why do People Prefer Dabbing?

For "old style" dry herb smokers, dabbing might seem unnecessary. The concentrates used to dab don't look anything like herb and might seem more like a medicine than something that will you get you high. Herb oils however are more powerful than you can ever imagine; with dabs often containing 60% and 90% of THC, as opposed to high-quality herb strains that offer only 25%.

If you regularly smoke instead of dabbing, and want to try something new, check out dual function dab rig like Dr. Dabber Switch that can give you the pleasure of vaping dry herb and experience dabbing at the same time.

Yes, dabs get users get really high, really fast, but that is not the only thing that makes them a preferred method of consumption; many users claim that dabbing improves the taste and the overall herb experience. In reality, dabbing is a more efficient, effective and cleaner way of enjoying dry herb.  

What to Look for in Dab Rigs

Due to the booming popularity of dab rigs, there a wide variety of options on the market and choosing a unit that will satisfy your needs and be perfect for your preferences can be complicated. To make the process of finding the ideal dab rig easier, keep in mind these simple requirements for high-quality, well-made dab rigs.

1. Vapour Quality:

For a dab rig to be considered well-made, it has to produce high quality vapour and offer improved taste. After all, dab rigs are made to make the dry herb experience more enjoyable, so producing high-quality, delicious clouds of vapour is an important requirement.

A standard dab rig should have a smart build or cooling system that will always offer the user a perfect amount of vapour.  

2. Ease of Use:

One of the things that makes a dab rig great is ease of use; finding a unit that is easy to use and easy to enjoy is more than important. Even for experienced dabbers and vape users, a low-maintenance unit is a plus.

All vaporizers and dab rigs need a little clean and tune up every once in a while, but apart from that, a high-quality dab rig should be easy to understand and easy to enjoy without the need of any complicated maintenance.

3. Battery Life:

Although it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when looking for a dab rig or vaporizer; a long-lasting battery life is more than important. The battery of a unit will determine the functionality and ease of use of the product.

A high-quality dab rig should have a powerful battery that will satisfy the needs of the user.  

4. High-Quality Build:

A dab rig should not only look gorgeous and impress session buddies; it should have a high-quality build that is long-lasting and designed to withstand years of use.

The materials used to craft a dab rig will determine how long they will last, what they can withstand and how satisfied a user will be; it is more than important to find a unit that is made to function smoothly for years to come.

5. Portability:

For many dab rig users, portability is a must on the list of high-quality dab rig requirements. The portability of a unit will determine when and where you can enjoy it and you have to know for what purpose you will need the unit. If so check out the Puffco Peak, perfect for portability.

Also check out Dr. Dabber Switch is definitely taking the lead over many of the other manufacturers. For people who love camping, beach visits and long tips; a smaller unit that has a long-lasting battery life is perfect. For those who want something that can fit in a pocket, a smaller sized, sturdy unit is ideal.

6. Pricing:

Dab rigs, like all types of products, are priced depending on their quality, their performance and their functionality. A high-quality, well-made dab rig should be in your price range but still offer all the functions and the performance you are expecting.

High Quality Dab Rigs From Well-Known Brands

Here at Herbalize Store, we offer only the highest quality of products that are sure to satisfy users needs and preferences. We take the time to find products that are made with the smallest details in mind and always take into consideration user reviews, manufacturer information and personally test products so we can feel confident that you will enjoy them.

We offer a large variety of vaporizer products, but we believe that our dab rigs collection is one of the best on the market; here you will find only well-made units made from well-known brands. You can feel confident that all of the dab rigs offered here are made to satisfy even the pickiest vape users. We offer these popular brands;

Dr. Dabber

Dr Dabber Dab Rig

Dr Dabber is known for making some of the best vaporizers on the market. They take the smallest details into consideration when designing and manufacturing their units and they make their vaporizers and dab rigs to satisfy every last imaginable need and preference.

We are proud to offer some of Dr Dabber’s most popular and widely used units, these including the Dr Dabber Switch, the Dr Dabber Boost, the Dr Dabber Ghost and more.

 All of the Dr Dabber units we offer here at Herbalize Store produce high quality, delicious vapour and are made to satisfy even the pickiest vape user. Their super popular Dr Dabber Switch has one of the most incredible batteries on the market and all of their units have something unique and special that makes them by far the best options for dab rigs.

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Higher Standards


Higher Standards offer units that are versatile, unique and unlike any other dab rigs on the market. Their well-known Heavy Duty Dab Rig for example can be hooked up to a vaporizer and can be enjoyed as a water bong. The versatility of their units and the high quality vapour they produce make them one of the best option on the market.

Higher Standard always take into consideration the smallest details to ensure satisfaction and we believe that their efforts have paid off; the dabbing community is now able to enjoy their vaping experience to the fullest with Higher Standard units.

Puffco Peak

Puffco Peak Dab Rig

Although Puffco Peak is newer when compared to other dab rig brands, it does not fall behind in quality or popularity. The Puffco Peak E-Nail took the dabbing and vaping community by storm and became the new “big thing” in 2018.

We believe that it is hard to come by such a well-made, high-quality unit as the one Puffco designed and crafted. We are confident that it will satisfy your vaping needs and work flawlessly for years to come.

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D-Nails 1.3 Digital Vaporizer was voted #1 by High Times Magazine; so it is not hard to understand that D-Nail units are made to be at the top of the list of high-quality dab rigs and vaporizers.

Although D-Nail units do not look too fancy or stylish, their sole purpose is to get you as a high as a kite and deliver some of the highest quality of vapour on the market.

If you are looking for something that will not only impress you buddies and the nest vape session but also blow you mind from the moment you unbox it; D-Nail dab rigs are for you.

Grav Labs

Grav Labs carefully design their units with a more classy style in mind. Their units boast simple yet beautiful designs that are made to produce high quality vapour without any difficult processes.
Their smart design are made to cool down the vapour before ever reaching your lips; ensuring that no matter the size of cloud, you will get delicious taste and an amazing experience. Grav Lab units are perfect for those who want something easy to use that still produces high-quality vapour.

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How to Choose the Perfect Dab Rig

As you can see, we offer a variety of dab rigs that are made from well-known brands; however, it still might be hard for you to choose what is perfect for you. The fact is that it can be complicated to find something that suits your preferences perfectly; due to the wide variety of options. To make your life easier, keep in mind these tips when looking for the ideal dab rig;

1. Know your Preferences:

There are a wide variety of types of vaporizers and dab rigs; this is why knowing your preferences is super important. You might be looking for a unit you can enjoy at home, while others might be looking for a unit they can enjoy on a camping trip. The wide variety of options makes it possible for everyone to find what is perfect for them, but knowing your preferences is important.

2. Know what to Expect:

It is more than important to know everything about a unit before considering purchasing it; this is why we offer such a variety of information here at Vaporizer Store, so you can know everything necessary about a unit.

Make sure to read all you can about its portability, its versatility and its quality; this will ensure that you will be receiving what you expect.

3. Find Quality for a Good Price:

The Price of a unit depends on its quality and if you are looking for something that will blow your mind and your session buddies too, it might be a little pricey. However, known that it is more than worth it. If a dab rig unit is high quality and made to be long-lasting, you will be able to enjoy the unit for years without the slightest trouble. All the products we offer here at Herbalize Store are priced to perfection; which allows you to choose a unit that is exactly in your price range.  

Our Most Popular Dab Rigs:

When thinking of purchasing your first Dab Rig, when so much choice it can be hard to weigh the pros & cons. Together, we have complied a list of the best and most in demand Dab Rigs available in the market. We take into consideration the smallest details to ensure that our users will fully enjoy their vaping experience.

Take a look at this list we have created based on user reviews, product quality, functionality and efficiency and find what you have been searching for!

For fans of both dabbing and water bong the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig is a fantastic rig to consider. Used as a dual functioning dab rig it can accommodate different styles of vaping. The Higher Standards is more of an expensive rig, but in terms of versatility and dual functionality, is a great rig.

The Jade East Dab Rig is another great example of Dual functioning rigs from friends of Cheech and Chong. With the Jade East, its perfect for Oils and concentrates with a Double-tier shower head percolator to ensure consistently dual function applications.

Another great example Dab Rig comes in the form of the Dr. Dabber Recycled Glass Rig. This high capacity Dab Rig is excellent for the die hard fans and can pack a punch with each use. It uses water to help cooling down process with the rig, while giving you a cool feeling with every use without overdoing it.

If you are fan of dual functioning portable vaporizer systems, then you're in the right place. Versatility of the Dr. Dabber Perc Glass Switch is bar none, the best out there.

The Switch Dab Rig can accommodate Dry Herb & and Wax concentrate, which is perfect for all vape fans, giving you choice and confidence to try something new, so you can enjoy all materials the Switch can offer. For Someone purchasing for the first time or need to try something new. The Switch is what you need. The Switch is known as the best portable Dab Rig 2018/19.

If you want something more alternative, check out the E-Nail rig with remote control. This rig uses a plug in and play E-Nail, which pleases fans old and new, with consistent temperature control throughout each use.

No time wasted charging the E-Nail when you want to use it. The E-Nail also uses a remote control, so when you are busy, so you can continue doing your thing until the E-Nail is fully heated up.

The Puffco Peak is another example of an alternative vaporizer system that is also portable. The Puffco comes in 4 heat settings, when only 20 seconds heat up time. The Peak comes in a design of a pyramid and is easily portable and has an excellent stable base, so the peak doesn’t fall over. One 2-hour charge can last up to 30 Dabs, giving great battery life for any fan.

Become a Dab Rig Expert

We are proud to provide some of the most detailed information on the market of the vaporizers, dab rigs, accessories and other products we offer on our site. Through constant research and consistent updates, we are able to offer innovative ideas, tips and tricks from vape experts and teams of people that are inspired to make your vaping experience more than enjoyable.

If you would like to learn more about our products, how to use them, how to maintain them and how to enjoy them to their fullest extent; check out our Blog Section and become a “dab rig expert”. 




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