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Dabs are a concentrated form of herb. They have a wax like appearance, and come in different colours and consistencies, so putting one specific label on dabs would prove irrelevant in most cases.

Dabs are derived from either dried herb or fresh herb. They are essentially all the THC crystals which naturally occur on the herb plant, shaken off and collected, and then melted or compacted into different forms.

Dabs are quite practical to take around with you, because they are so concentrated that all you need to take is a small bit with you, and you are set to go about your adventures. The fact that they are so thin and so small makes them very easy to conceal, and thanks to their highly concentrated amount of THC, there is not much need to ingest a large quantity of it.

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is the act of smoking or vaping these concentrates. Dabbing is a quick process, where the consumer gets nothing but the best parts of vaping dry herb out of only a small portion of concentrates.

There are many different forms of dabs, as mentioned above, and the dabbing experience is always a little different for each of these; but people love how, when dabbing, they can always expect the best quality, best consistency, and best tasting experience every time.

Why Do People Prefer Dabbing?

Many people prefer to vape dabs because dabs are, to many, more efficient both cost wise and space wise, they are portable, they are usually very high quality, and they are much more concentrated so one only need a small dab to assimilate almost triple of a normal portion of dry herb.

Some people claim that dabs are “cleaner”, in other words, they only contain the concentrated version of the terpenes, flavonoids that regular dry herb has, but without the whole plant aspect.

On the other hand, many people prefer dabbing because they claim it is more cost efficient, because they are able to get much more out of a small portion of product, whereas if they were vaping dry herb they would have to use much more product. Of course, it is arguable that this depends on each individual’s vaping habits, because some people may go through dabs much quicker than others, while others might take it a bit slower; but it is definitely something worth mentioning, and something worth considering if you are starting your dabbing experiences.

What are Dab Rigs?

Dab rigs are vape rigs or vape mechanisms that serve the specific purpose of vaping your dabs or concentrates. They come in many different formats, and depending on what kind of  experience your are after, can boast different features such as higher or lower temperatures, varied loading processes, different shapes and sizes, and even different ways of dabbing your concentrates.

These rigs are usually made for concentrates only, but in the odd case, you might find an herb vaporizer that also features a dabbing tool, setting, or chamber. These are usually a bit on the expensive side, though many people claim that these dual purpose vaporizers are great for people who want the best of both worlds.

On the contrary to these claims, others state that if you want to have an optimal dabbing experience every time, that the best way to go is just buy a separate dab rig. This is actually quite relatable, because many dab rigs come with two ways you can vape your dabs, for example, some have dab e-nails (see below for more information about e-nails) and a dab chamber or plate all in one; and it is definitely the way to go if you prefer dabbing over vaping dry herb.

What are Dab E-Nails?

Dab e-nails are a different way to vaporize your dabs. They are what can also be called a nectar collector, because they are a small nail-like stem that portrudes out of the dab vaporizer.

Dab e-nails are specifically for dabbing, for they have one very high powered battery which instantly heats up the nectar collectar or e-nail. Once in contact with your concentrates, the vapour comes through the nectar collector stem and through the mouthpiece, delivering you then your amazing tasting vapour hit.

Some people tend to get a little intimidated by e-nails because they look quite machine-like sometimes; but to this we say “fear not!”. Dab e-nails are one of the easiest and quickest ways to vape your dabs, so there isn’t much to worry about at all. They are also quite discreet compared to other methods, so vaping with your e-nail should be very easy anywhere.

About Rosin Presses

What are Rosin Presses?

Since the rise in dabbin popularity, people have taken to either buying their dabs or making their own. There are pros and cons to both, like for everything, but as times have begun to change, more and more people have began to prefer to make their own dabs.

How do they do this?, you might ask. Well, the best and most effective way to make your own dabs at home is by using a Rosin Press. These mechanisms have recently made a huge splash in the dabbing community thanks to their high quality craftsmanship, their intuitive handling process, and the very convenient and effective ways they can be used.

Rosin Presses are mechanisms which you can use to make your own dabs out of fresh or dried out herb. They feature 2 or more hot plate which are heated up using the heating mechanism to the desired or preset temperature setting. These hot plates will actually melt off all the concentrates, while also pressing all the product out of the herb.

How to Use a Rosin Press:

    First, some suggest flattening out the amount of herb you will be pressing, and loading it into parchment paper (making 100% sure it is not wax paper). Second, you turn on your Rosin Press and let it heat up to the desired temperature After heating up your hot plates to the temperature you want, all you have to do is carefully insert your product (which is to be set inside the parchment paper, or paper provided in the Rosin Press package), and then to clamp down to press the herb, while also heating it. After all the concentrates are extracted successfully from your dry herb, you can turn off the press, and collect your product. Of course, it is suggested to let your concentrates cool off and solidify, which only takes around 1 to 2 minutes; then you can collect it and store it in whichever way you see fit.

Why are Rosin Presses so Great?

There are many things which make Rosin Presses a great way to get your concentrates; but one of the most prominent reasons you should consider getting one is that making your concentrates with a rosin press at home eliminates the possibility of getting dabs with solvents.

You see, the most popular method that big companies apply to get concentrates from herb is by using solvents such a butane to draw out all the concentrates from herb in order to get the most out of large quantities of herb in a more “effective” way.

But many people are now questioning whether or not that is the best way to obtain concentrates from herb, and are additionally questioning whether or not it is the healthies option. So, many consumers are beginning to prefer to extract their own concentrates and dabs using a Rosin Press, because they no longer have to endure vaping dabs which may contain traces of harsh solvents.


In conclusion, there are so many perks to dabbing, so many people are beginning to prefer to dab instead of vaping dry herb. This is, of course, due to many factors, some above mentioned and other depending on personal preferences and opinions; but since its popularity is rising, we suggest trying it and seeing what your experience is like.

Now that concentrates and dry herb vaporizers are things which are more widely available to the public, there are much healthier and hassle free ways to begin your journey with dabs or dry herbs. Many argue that vaping your products is much healthier, and we can’t say for sure that we don’t agree. But, of course, there are pros and cons to everything.

What we suggest is trying out dabbing and seeing whether or not it is for you; and if you’d like to know exactly what is going into your dabs, we suggest purchasing a small Rosin Press, and making your own dabs at home. Then, you are sure to find that dabbing is a great way to begin or continue your adventures.

We offer our clients a wide variety of dab rigs, dab e-nails, and Rosin Presses, so we encourage you to shop around our site to see which of our wonderful products fits your needs and preferences more.

We offer you the best collections of dab e-nails, and we offer you a very wide variety of different dab rigs from amazing and unique brands and makers because we value high quality products as much as we value an awesome vaping session. We even offer you a wide variety of dab tools to help you along with other rigs you might own. So please, don’t be shy, and take a look around our wonderful store, for you are bound to find some great products.



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